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The Code of Engagement

Code of EngagementCode of Engagement Introduction

General Code is a values-based company. As such, our Code of Engagement is the set of principles guiding the way we conduct ourselves. It encompasses how we interact with our co-workers and our community, the way we treat you, the way we communicate with you, and the fact that you are not just our customer, you are our partner.  

Our Code of Engagement is founded on a set of seven values. These values are at the heart of our company and guide the actions of every employee. The everyday manifestation of these values is evident in how we listen to one another, how we support each other, and the results we deliver.

We know that there will always be issues to deal with; it is how we deal with these issues that make our company what it is.  At General Code we are engaged in the work that we do, committed to doing our best to serve our clients and to be a part of our community—these factors are the ingredients of our success.

Code of Engagement is General Code's Pledge

Honesty & Integrity

Delighting the Customer

Honesty and Integrity

Every interaction will confirm that you are working with an ethical, conscientious 
and trustworthy partner.

Delighting the Customer


We anticipate, and often surpass, your expectations. We are responsive and proactive to your needs.




You will receive high-quality products and services in the shortest possible time frame. These solutions will save you time and ease your workload.


Across departments and at every level of our company, we will collaborate with each other and with you to meet your needs.

Personal Responsibility

Caring & Concern

Personal Responsibility

Every General Code employee will meet and exceed your expected level of product quality and service excellence.

Caring & Concern


You will receive service that is personal, warm and reliable—an attentive relationship you can trust.

Innovation & Creativity

Innovation & Creativity

We will stay in front of your ever-changing needs. Visionary thinking, resourcefulness and technology leadership makes this possible.