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Codification Overview


Codification Services from General Code: Most companies work for their customers. We work with them. Codification services from General Code: 50 years of experience and customer service excellence.

For 50 years, General Code has been delivering a higher standard of Codification Services to municipalities—these include editorial analysis, updating Code materials, and more, in order to support compliance with local legislation. We call this combination of industry-leading technology and legendary customer support, Civility. Start enjoying Civility. 


General Code codification products and services: editorial analysis, supplementation, sample legisation, electronic codes on the Internet (eCode360)

Products and Services

Whether you are a government official in a large city or county or a growing suburb, you need accurate and accessible information to effectively serve your constituents. General Code Codification Services support your path to more-efficient and less paper-driven governance. View General Code's Codification Products…


Codification resources: General Code provides support and information to help make your job easier

Codification Resources

We set the standard for improving the code enforcement and document management processes, and are on the cutting edge of technology, providing new and reliable tools to our customers to better serve their constituents and make municipal information more accessible to everyone. Take a look at our resources…


Customer service excellence from General Code.  When you choose to work with General Code, you are not just our customer, you are our partner.

Customer Service

General Code's Customer Service representatives are ready to answer your questions and take care of your Code needs. Everyone needs help, sometime. See all the services General Code has to offer…