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Benefits of Codification

A 5-Step Process:

Research | Organization | Review of Revision | Publication | Adoption



1. Research

As the project begins, a researcher identifies the legislation to be codified.  A list of the legislation is compiled.  Complete, as-adopted copies are collected and adoption is verified.

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2. Organization

Legislation is organized by the following criteria:

  • Alphabetically or by topic
  • Similar pieces of legislation grouped together
  • Repealed or superseded provisions are eliminated
  • Amendments are inserted where necessary

Once the legislation is organized, a manuscript is prepared for review.

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3. Review and Revision

The reviewer looks for:

  • Conflicts and inconsistencies
  •  Duplications
  • Compliance with statutory requirements
  • Missing information and legislation
  • Provisions that could be standardized
  • Possible enforcement problems
  • Incorrect or unclear wording
  • Current titles of officials or names of agencies
  • Other ways to modernize the legislation or language

The recommended changes are submitted to the governing body for approval

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4. Publication

The manuscript is edited and revisions approved by the governing body are incorporated.  Chapter numbers are assigned and internal sections and subsections are designated.  Internal references are checked, and cross references and footnotes are added.  Text is edited for correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, if authorized by the community.

The manuscript proceeds through various stages of production including page layout, proofreading and indexing.

Once completed, access to the Code can be provided in a variety of mediums:

  • As printed copies in binders
  • In electronic format on your computer
  • On the Internet

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5. Adoption

Code adoption is necessary to:

  • Establish the Code as the official body of municipal law, recognized by the courts
  • Give it a place in history
  • Ratify any changes
  • Provide an effective date for the codification and revisions
  • Approve the renumbering and reorganization of the legislation
  • General Code has consulted with the Attorney General's office to develop appropriate wording for the warrant articles to put the renumbering of the bylaws into effect.

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