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Codification Customer Solution Profiles

General Code provides a full line of Codification Services to meet your needs


An up-to-date, accurate Code book provides critical, convenient access to your community's legal requirements. It also aids in the enforcement of those requirements. Many communities rely on our experience, unique knowledge of codification and our superior level of service. Read how our Clients have put General Code's Codification Solutions to work in their communities:

 New York  l  Maine

New York

City of Rochester, New York
The City of Rochester, New York, recently adopted its first major zoning revision since 1975. From the outset, the City utilized teamwork and progressive thinking to create a flexible, end-user-oriented zoning ordinance.


City of Biddeford, Maine
Biddeford, Maine, City Clerk Carmen Morris was very concerned. She knew her municipal Code was out-of-date and it was creating problems. The Code had been published in 1975 and had not been supplemented in more than two years. “Every year I would put the expenditure for a Code supplement in my budget, and because of how things are financially these days; it would keep getting cut out of the budget.  In this day and age budgets get slashed, and we are begging for anything,” Morris said. The situation had gotten desperate, she said. “Our book was a mess; we were getting in legal problems because we were referring to out-of-date codebooks. I finally said ‘enough is enough, we have to update the Code’.”