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Public Documents Now Available

Public Documents

Public Documents General Code’s PubDocs™ module is a powerful addition to your electronic Code. The module provides a centralized location for key public documents such as meeting minutes, agendas, budgets, resolutions, comprehensive plans and more. 

PubDocs is a great way to augment your e-government services and improve your outreach to the community. Best of all, PubDocs enhances your municipality’s transparency by offering your citizens and other constituents a solution that meets their ever-growing needs and expectations for instantaneous access to information in today’s digital world.

No additional software is required when implementing this module. PubDocs, which is a fully hosted service through General Code (no third party necessary), is specifically engineered for integration with your electronic Code. It’s a self-managed, secure module that allows you to directly upload documents to be published online. This will give users quick and convenient access to municipal information you want to make available to the public, even if that information is not included in the code book. In addition, PubDocs has the capability to cross search your eCode along with all public documents simultaneously.

Benefits of PubDocs:

  • Improve transparency for FOIL/Open Records requests and public awareness
  • Search all public documents at the same time as searching your eCode
  • Reduce the management of multiple web pages
  • Integrated and accessible through your electronic Code
  • Easy-to-use, self-managing process for authorized municipal employees
  • Search by name, date, keywords or by other advanced features
  • A secure process for posting and updating public documents that requires a user ID and password for municipal officials
  • Public documents are viewable by anyone, anytime from the Internet
  • Organize public documents by meeting type, date, categories, and more
  • Use your own file format such as .doc, .xls, .txt, .pdf, and more
  • Documents are now centralized for officials and staff to view
  • Saves valuable time for both municipal employees and constituents