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Service Representatives

 Account Managers

Kerry Johnson, Account Representative, General Code Michael Peter, Account Representative, General Code LoriAnn Shura, Account Representative, General Code Marcia Clifford, Account Representative, General Code
Kerry Johnson
Supplementation Solutions
Michael Peter
Codification Solutions
LoriAnn Shura
Codification Solutions

Marcia Clifford
Codification Solutions
Patrick Smith, Account Representative, General Code

LoriAnn Shura, Account Representative, General Code

Patrick Smith, Account Representative, General Code
Patrick Smith
Codification Solutions
Earl Babb
Codification Solutions
Suzanne Owens
Codification Solutions


Customer Service

Megan Cavouto (Customer Service Manager); Sandy Deal (Customer Service)

Codification Solutions - Editorial Services; Editorial Services

General Code has full-time, experienced and dedicated Sales and Customer Service Representatives serving your area. As a company, since 1962, we have worked closely with municipal officials, education professionals, private companies and law enforcement staff, providing innovative products and services efficiently and affordably. We have built our reputation by listening carefully to what these respective organizations need, and then working as a team to successfully manage the project to completion.

Editorial Project Management

General Code has developed a staff of highly trained editorial project managers, editorial assistants and production staff that has a unique expertise in codification. Our team is well respected for its knowledge base and availability as a resource to our customers as they venture through the legislative process. We take great pride in our strong customer relationships that have been built through the personal care and exceptional support provided by entire staff.

Did you know that General Code is more than just a codifier and provider of document management technology and services? We offer many value-added services that can help you manage your information and document to make your job easier:

  • Legislation Review
  • Editorial Analysis
  • Code Accuracy Checks
  • Ready access to answers
  • Easy Code maintenance

Click here to read more in depth about Value Added Services that General Code offers.

Most importantly, when you partner with General Code, we are at your service, available to answer questions and guide you through the entire process to completion of your Code project. We are recognized for our commitment.


eCode360 with MultiView Technology - a first-of-its-kind software innovation; municipal Codes on the InterneteCode360® Help Center

eCode360 holds a variety of electronic content that delivers a searchable online version of your municipal code. You can easily search, print, email, and copy and paste any text contained in the code. The features and functionality of eCode360 provide superior content management. Visit the Help Center