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Maintaining Your Code Tips & Hints

 Maintaining Your Code

 7 Steps to Easier Supplementation

 Saving Money on Supplementation

Maintaining Your Code

Once you have invested significant time and money in a codification project, it is critical that each copy of the Code be kept updated and reliable so that this investment is protected.

Scheduling:  You choose the supplementation schedule that works best for you.  Some municipalities choose to update the Code as ordinances are adopted; others prefer to set up a quarterly, semiannual or annual schedule.  Our average turnaround time for processing routine supplementation is 6-8 weeks.

Charges:  The cost for publishing supplements is based upon the actual amount of legislation included in each supplement.  There is no minimum annual fee or retainer fee.  Our Codes are set up in a style and format designed to keep your costs to a minimum.  The cost will be based on the labor and materials expended in editing, stylization, indexing, composing, proofreading, printing and binding the supplement, plus packaging and shipping expenses.  If desired, we can provide a cost estimate before processing supplementation for your Code.

Packaging:  Each supplement will be individually enveloped and labeled to correlate with the serial numbers assigned to the new Codes.  We can also include names and addresses for each Code holder on the envelopes if you wish.  Having supplements in labeled envelopes makes distribution easy and reliable and minimizes the time that municipal officials need to spend at this task.  We can also mail supplements directly to Code holders if you wish.

Distribution:  Supplements will be sent to your office, usually via United Parcel Service.  Supplemental pages will be enclosed in individual envelopes numbered to correspond to the serial number of each Code volume received by the municipality.  As you receive supplements, insert them in your copies of the Code immediately.  The numbered Instruction Sheet for each supplement should be retained in the front or back of the Code for future reference.

Record Keeping:  We will provide you with a Supplement Memorandum of Receipt.  When a municipal official receives his/her supplement, we recommend that you have him/her sign and date for the specific supplement number.  By following this procedure, you are assured that the supplement has been delivered to the official and that the official is taking responsibility for maintenance of the Code.

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7 Steps to Easier Supplementation

Keeping your Code up-to-date and accurate is important. By following the seven tips and hints below, municipalities can make supplementation even quicker, easier and more efficient than it already is!

1. Send legislation via e-mail to ezsupp [at] generalcode [dot] com. It saves you mailing costs, time, and most importantly, supplementation can be less expensive if electronic versions are provided.

2. When sending electronic legislation, be sure to send it in a word processing format. PDF and image files decrease the files' usability and result in a higher cost to the municipality.

3. Be sure to include ordinance, local law, and resolution numbers. Also include adoption dates, and note the subject matter of non-Code material. By including all this information right from the start, it keeps the supplement running smoothly and results in a quicker turnaround time.

4. For municipalities with pamphlets (zoning and subdivision regulations are our most popular), it is helpful if the quantity of replacement pages needed is indicated in a cover letter accompanying the legislation.

5. If submitting material by mail, avoid sending newsprint. This is very difficult for our Production Department to use due to the column format and the small text.

6. Amend the Code as specifically as possible. For new chapters, this is not an issue, as we will select the appropriate chapter number and incorporate it in our style. However, when amending, adding to, or deleting provisions that already exist, be sure to indicate the exact section being modified.

7. Occasionally questions arise as our editors begin updating your Code. The sooner you can reply to any questions that they may have, the sooner your supplement can be moved to the next stage in the production process!

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Saving Money On Supplementation

General Code bills on a time-and-materials basis. This means that you pay less for a supplement that involves only minor changes than you do for a supplement that incorporates brand new chapters—because one involves considerably less work than the other. But regardless of the size and complexity of your supplement, there are things you can do that will save you money by enabling us to process the work more efficiently.

1. Be sure to include the enactment number and adoption date on your legislation 

2. Where possible, specify which chapter(s) and section(s) are amended by the new legislation.

3. Where possible, when amending a section, include in the legislation only new or amended language rather than reproducing the whole chapter.  If it is necessary to include the text of the entire chapter, highlight the amended sections.

4. Where possible, avoid underlining and uppercasing new material and striking out deleted material. These markings impede our scanner’s ability to recognize characters.

5. When you have a choice of formats, send the original typed or keyed version—not the newsprint version. We find that the newspaper copy does not always exactly match the original version, so sending the original will ensure greater accuracy. Also, newsprint copy does not scan well, so its associated composition costs are higher.

6. If your legislation has been prepared electronically, e-mail it directly to ezsupp [at] generalcode [dot] com.

7. If legislation is typed or keyed separately from Board/Council meeting minutes, it is not necessary to send us the minutes as well as the legislation. When you do send minutes, highlight the Code-related material.

8. If you have a question on how to proceed with an amendment, please feel free to call us for advice before you adopt it. We may be able to help you avoid costly and time-consuming misunderstandings.

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