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Collecting and organizing your municipality's general and permanent legislation into a numbered and civilized order to access and/or read can be easy…really!

What is Codification?

Why Codify?

Benefits of Codification

Electronic Solutions

Planning, Zoning & Land Use

As you enact new legislation and need to incorporate it seamlessly into your code, discover the next level in supplementation services that make the process fast, simple and accurate.

Maintaining your Code

7 Steps to easier Supplementation

Saving Money on Supplementation



Yesterday's code structure may no longer reflect today's subject matter. Sections of your Code may be obsolete. State laws may have changed, creating conflict with your local laws. Give everyone an up-to-date, well-organized and easy to use code.

Revitalize your code of ordinances

Update your existing Code style, format and/or binder to a more desireable size (8.5"x11" page size) or accomodate additional years of new legislation.

Bring your Code up to date

Editorial Services


A detailed analytical review of an existing Code can identify problems and inconsistencies and offer suggestions for practical ways to make legislation more enforceable.

Editorial Analysis

Editorial Services

Value Added Services

Carefree fulfillment of request from the private sector for copies of your municipalities' Code. We are fully equipped to handle the production and sale of your Code to local attorneys, engineers, planners and developers for your convenience. 

Subscription Service for Research Professionals

eCode360 Library Subscription Service