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Sample Legislation Service

General Code offers free sample bylaws, local laws, ordinances and resolutions to help our clients draft new legislation. 

To request complimentary samples, please e-mail us at samples [at] generalcode [dot] com or call us toll-free at 1-855-GEN-CODE.

Please keep in mind that your Municipal Attorney should always be consulted regarding the legality and appropriateness of the legislation that you are considering. He or she can help you modify sample legislation to fit your community's specific needs.

If you'd like instant access to more than 1,100 municipal codes, you can subscribe to our eCode360 Library.

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A (Top)

N (Top)

Abandoned shopping carts Naming of streets
Abandoned property Natural preserve
Accessory apartments Nepotism
Adopt-A-Road/Lot Newsracks and drop boxes
Adult uses Noise
- Adult bookstores - General restrictions
- Adult entertainment - Specific restrictions, including decibel
level meters
- Obscene publications - Stereo in cars
Advertising materials Nuclear facilities
Affordable housing Nuisances
Air pollution - Abandoned property
Airport Zoning - Construction site maintenance
Alarm systems and devices - Graffiti
Alarms, false - Outdoor lighting
Alcoholic beverages - Overcrowding and illegal occupancies
- Licensing and regulation of establishments

O (Top)

- Minors Obscene materials
- Open containers
Occupancies, illegal
- Teen Nights Odors
Alcohol Without Liquid machines Off-leash dog parks
Alternative-fuel vehicles Outdoor festivals
Ambulance services and rescue squads Outdoor furnaces
- Incentive programs Outdoor storage and use of upholstered
- Tax exemptions (NY)
Overcrowding and illegal occupancies
Americans with disabilities

P (Top)

Paint, lead-based
- Coin-operated amusement devices Paintball guns
- Places of amusement Panhandling
Animals Parades
- Feeding of migratory waterfowl Parental responsibility
- Off-leash dog parks Parking
Animal cruelty - Commercial and recreational vehicles
- Cats - Handicapped Parking
- Dog licensing; impoundment - Seasonal parking
- Control of dogs - Storage of vehicle
- Curbing of dogs Parking lots
- Vicious dogs - Licensing of parking lot businesses
- Wild and exotic animals - Municipal parking lots
Antennas Parks and recreational areas
Appearance tickets - Municipal skate parks
Auctions and auctioneers - Off-leash dog parks

B (Top)

Bags, recycling of
 Peace and good order
Bazaars Peddling and soliciting
Beaches - Licensing and regulation
- Conduct at beaches - Ice cream vendors
- Shoreline protection - Transient merchants
Bed and breakfast establishments Pensions
Begging - Employee pension fund (PA)
- Panhandling and aggressive public solicitation - Police pension fund
Bicycles Personnel policies
Bingoe - Military leave for employees
Birds, see Animals - Nepotism
Blasting Pesticides
Block Parties Picketing
Blood-borne pathogens Plastic bag recycling
Boardinghouses Plumbing
Boards and Commissions Police Department
- Architectural Review Boards Political activity
- Board of Health Political fund-raising
- Conservation Commissions Pool halls
- Environmental Commissions Precious metals and gems
- Historic Commissions Privacy from electronic imaging devices
- Industrial Commissions Property
- Planning Board or Commission - Eminent Domain
- Recreation Boards and Commissions - Overcrowding and illegal occupancies
- Shade Tree Commission or Advisory Board Property, abandoned
- Zoning Board of Adjustment or Appeals Property maintenance
Boats and boating - BOCA codes adopted by reference
- Jet Skis - Construction site maintenance
- Mooring - Standards
- Operational Regulations Purchasing and procurement procedures
BOCA Codes Publics Markets
Body art establishments Public Meetings, conduct at
Body piercing establishments Public solicitation, aggressive
Brush, grass and weeds

R (Top)

Building construction Racetracks
- BOCA Codes adopted by reference Rapid entry
- Construction site maintenance Real estate registry
- Enforcement and administration of New York|
State Uniform Fire
- Prevention and Building Code - Public access to records
- Uniform Construction Codes (NJ) - Records management
Buildings - Records retention
- Demolition Recreation areas
- Moving of buildings Recycling
- Numbering of buildings - Plastic bag recycling
- Unsafe or unfit buildings Refrigerators
Burning, Outdoor Rental property
Businesses - Absentee landlords

C (Top)

- Overcrowding and illegal occupancies
Cable communications - Rent control
Cafes, sidewalk - Seasonal dwellings
Carbon monoxide detectors Rescue Organizations
Carnivals, shows and circuses - Incentive programs
Cemeteries Residency requirements
Certificates of occupancy/compliance Restaurants
Charitable donations - Sidewalk cafes
- Donation Bins Rewards
Checks, fraudulent or returned Rodent Control
Claims approval Roller-skating rinks
Code of Conduct for Youth Sports Events Rooming houses
Conduct during emergencies

S (Top)

Commercial service delivery boxes Sales
Communications facilities - Christmas tree sales
Compost Piles - Garage yard sales
Conduct at Public Meetings - Going-out-of-business sales
Conflicts of Interest - Sidewalk sales
Computer use policy
Satellite dish antennas
Concerts, outdoor Scenic preservation
Construction site maintenance Scenic roads
Contractors, licensing of   Scooters
Convenience stores dispensing fuel
Scooters, motorized
Crime properties Seasonal dwellings
Critical areas Security gates
Cruelty to animals Security guards and shopping malls
Cruising in vehicles Segways
Curfew Self-storage facilities

D (Top)

Sewers and sewage disposal
Dance halls and cabarets - Individual sewage disposal systems
Decks and patios - Sewer connections
Decorum at Public Meetings - Sewer rents
Defense and indemnification of officers and employees - Sewer use regulations
Disasters, conduct during Sex offenders registration
Discrimination Sexual harassment
Disease control Shellfish
Disorderly conduct Shopping carts
Dogs, see Animals Sidewalks
Domestic partnerships - Maintenance and repair of sidewalks
Donation bins - Notification of defects
Driveways - Sidewalk cafes
Drugs - Sidewalk construction
- Drug-free school zones - Snow and ice removal
- Drug-free workplaces - Visual obstructions
- Drug paraphernalia Signs
- Drug-related nuisances - General regulations
Dumpsters Silly string

E (Top)

Site plan review (general)


Skateboards, roller skates and in-line skates
Electrical standards - Municipal state parks
Electronic payments Smoke bombs
Electronic imaging devices, privacy from Smoke detectors
Electronic submission of data Smoking
Elevators Snow and ice removal
Emergencies, conduct during Snowmobiles
Emergency preparedness and management Soil removal
Eminent Domain Solicitation, aggressive public
Employee Suggestion Program Solid waste
EMS volunteers, incentives for - Collection
Energy sources, wind - Licensing of contractors
Environmental quality review Speed-timing devices
Ephedra, sale of Sporting events, code of conduct at
Erosion and sediment control Sprinkler systems
Ethics Steep slopes
- Board of Ethics Stereos in cars
- Code of Ethics Storage of materials
- Financial Disclosure Storage units, temporary
Evacuation plans Stormwater management
Excavations Street festivals
- Excavations in streets Streets
- Soil Removal - Construction standards

F (Top)

- Honorary street names
False alarms - Notification of defects

Farmers Market

- Private streets
Farming - Renaming streets
- Right to farm - Snow and ice removal
Fees - Street obstructions
Fences - Street openings
Festivals, outdoor Subdivision of land
Filling and grading Swimming pools
Filming - Private
Firearms and weapons - Public
Fire drills

T (Top)

Fire Departments Tattooing and tattoo parlors
- Incentive programs Taxation
- Membership and organization - Alternative veterans tax exemption (NY)
- Mutual aid agreements - Amusement device tax (PA)
- Tax exemptions (NY) - Business investment exemption (NY)
Fire insurance claims - Business privilege tax (PA)
Fire prevention - Cessation as assessing unit (NY)
- BOCA Codes adopted by reference - Earned income tax (PA)
- Enforcement and administration of NYS
Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code
- Exemptions for members of volunteer agencies
Firewood storage - Firefighters and ambulance workers exemption (NY)
Fireworks - Improvements for the disabled (NY)
Fishing, ice - Nonissuance of permits and licenses for delinquent taxes
Flea markets - Occupational privilege tax (PA)
Flood damage prevention/Floodplain
- Per capita tax (PA)
Florists, retail - Realty transfer tax
Food Establishments - Senior citizens tax exemption (NY)
- Sidewalk cafes - Utility tax
Food packaging - Veterans tax exemption (NY)
Food vending machines Taxicabs
Fortune-telling Teen nights
Fuel, alternative Telecommunications towers
Fuel storage Telephones
Furnaces, outdoor - Outdoor pay telephones
Furniture Temporary storage units
- Outdoor use and storage of upholstered
Terms of office

G (Top)

Games of chance Towing
Garage and yard sales Tow trucks
Gasoline stations Traffic Violations Bureaus
Graffiti Trails

H (Top)

Halloween Turbines, wind
Handbills and posters

U (Top)

Hazardous conditions, winter Unclaimed property
Hazardous materials/wastes Underage drinking

V (Top)

Helicopters Vacant property
Hiring practices Vector control
- Nepotism Vehicle repair shops
Historic districts and landmark preservation Vehicles
Home occupations - Abandoned and junked
Horse-drawn vehicles - Alternative-fuel vehicles
Housing - Recreational vehicles
- Overcrowding and illegal occupancies - Stereos in cars
Housing standards - Storage
Human Rights Vending machines Video devices, privacy from
Visual obstructions
Hunting Volunteer Emergency Services

I (Top)

- Incentive programs
Ice hazards, removal of - Tax exemption (NY)
Illegal occupancies

W (Top)

Impact fees
Warrantless arrests
Infractions, Municipal Water
Internet and e-mail policies - Service and use

J (Top)

- Use restrictions during emergencies
- Backflow prevention devices
Junk dealers and dealers in secondhand goods Waterfowl, feeding of

L (Top)

Weapons, imitation
Landlords, absentee Wells
Landscaping Wetlands
Laser pointers Windmills (Wind energy conversion systems)
Leaves of absence Window guards
Library Winter hazards, removal of
Licenses and permits
Woodburning stoves
Lighting, exterior

Y (Top)

Littering Youth sports events Code of Conduct
Lots, vacant  

M (Top)

Mass gatherings
Massage therapy
Mechanical standards
Meetings, decorum at  
Migratory waterfowl, feeding of  
- Sale of ephedra  
Mobile homes
- Individual mobile homes


- Mobile home parks    
Motorized Scooters and Segways  
Multiple dwellings  
Municipal skate parks  
Music, outdoor