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Ordinance Codification

Why Codify?

As a municipal official, the decisions you make affect the quality of life
of the citizens you serve.

There are many compelling reasons to codify: 

  • Fulfill a community obligation. It is the duty of every municipality to maintain its laws in a comprehensive, up-to-date and understandable form in a location that the average citizen can find and use.

  • Avoid confusion and ensure accurate interpretation. By compiling your basic ordinances and all amendments into one up-to-date document, you eliminate the need to refer to many separate documents. The most current information will be easily accessible.

  • Eliminate hours of frustrating research. A Code is a single reliable resource for appointed officials, enabling them to respond accurately to questions and provide certified copies quickly and efficiently.

  • Support enforcement. A Code is a practical and efficient tool for your courts, police and other enforcement officials, enabling them to enforce your laws with confidence and consistency.

  • Plan for the future. A Code provides a clear view of existing situations and makes it easier to determine the impact of proposed changes and amendments.


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