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Laserfiche® Rio Enterprise Content Management

A Complete Enterprise Content Management Solution for Organizations with 100+ Users

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Keep Your Organization Moving Forward. For any organization, information management is a major challenge. But it's also key to achieving success, both now and in the future. Rio combines powerful enterprise document management software with sophisticated business process management software to accelerate the flow of information throughout your enterprise—all while simplifying administration, installation and support for your IT department.

With Laserfiche Rio from General Code, you can:

  • Implement a global point of control for all your organization’s information, without forcing localized groups to change their existing business processes.
  • Extend the core Laserfiche strengths—information management, document imaging, DoD-certified records management, business process management, system activity monitoring and Web publishing—throughout your enterprise.
  • Calculate the cost of most systems by doing little more than counting employees, with easy-to-budget, easy-to-purchase named user licensing.
  • Use the unlimited Laserfiche Servers included with the Rio system to accommodate satellite offices, create failover environments or implement pilot projects.
  • Enable departmental staff or analysts to customize their individual views to suit their unique filing systems, implement customized workflows and accommodate specialized business processes, without interfering with centralized administration and control.
  • Complement your Microsoft SharePoint installation with document imaging and archiving, superior search functionality and a user-friendly interface.

No matter how many standards you have to set or how many different strategies you must align, the Rio system is a single solution that meets diverse business needs enterprise-wide.

Call 855-GEN-CODE (855-436-2633) to speak with your General Code Representative today for more details about implementing Laserfiche Rio for your organization.

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