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Customer Solution Profiles

Would you like to improve the turnaround time for records requests? General Code has the solution you're looking for! Click on the community name below to see how others have put General Code's Content Management Solutions to work in their communities:

 Massachusetts l Maryland l Michigan l
l New Jersey l New Mexico l New York l Pennsylvania l Wisconsin l



Towns of Andover & Sunderland, Massachusetts

Though the towns of Andover and Sunderland differ in many ways, they shared a common problem - too much paper and no easy way of accessing the information contained in the documents. Both found Laserfiche to be the solution that fit their needs.



City of Westminster, Maryland

Looking for a system that would make all their historical documents searchable, and allow them to be protected and preserved properly, the City turned to General Code for a Laserfiche solution.

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Eaton County, Michigan

Eaton County has 25 different operating departments that are mostly geographically dispersed in different County facilities. The process of routing paper documents and records as part of the Accounts Payable process has, for many years, involved the physical movement of files by personnel walking or driving to and from different locations to pass documents for approvals. This process was time consuming and costly. 

Eaton County, Michigan - Prosecutor's Office

For prosecuting attorneys, cases revolve around overstuffed paper file folders, and the Eaton County prosecutor’s office was spending a large amount of time shuffling paper. Not any more.

Charter Township of Hartland, Michigan

Considerable growth in and around the township has driven development which in turn has increased foot traffic to the Clerk's office by residents and businesses alike. Laserfiche has given the staff quicker access to information, and allows citizens to retrieve the information they need on their own.

Livingston County, Michigan

From organizing permits to assisting prosecutions – in a virtually paperless environment. Like most counties around the country, Livingston County, Michigan was dealing with far too much paper and no effective way to manage it. 

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New Jersey


Township of South Orange Village, New Jersey

Township officials were tasked with finding a document imaging system that would satisfy OPRA (New Jersey's Open Public Records Act) requirements, and provide residents with the information they were requesting. They determined that a Laserfiche system from General Code would answer all their needs.

Township of West Windsor, New Jersey

Saving space, time and money were the priorities of the Engineering Division when they began searching for a solution to their document storage issues.

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New Mexico


City of Las Cruces, New Mexico

The City Clerk's goal was to find a system that would be "reliable and usable." She chose Laserfiche's Records Management Edition package from General Code because of the Department of Defense security certification.

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New York

Town of Brookhaven, New York

Some of the biggest Laserfiche solutions start out rather small. Municipal governments can be slow to change and adopt powerful records management technology, even when it is already available to them. Donna Lent, Chief Deputy Town Clerk of Brookhaven, New York helped her community expand its use of Laserfiche and gain the benefits of the software’s full potential.

City of Buffalo, New York

In 2009, the legal department of the City of Buffalo, New York implemented a new case management system: Corporate Legal Standard (CLS), a web-based system built on the Microsoft® SharePoint® platform. The team members in Buffalo’s legal department were already experienced Laserfiche users, having invested in the popular document management system to scan and store archived case files.

Town of Chili, New York

The Town's grant money was earmarked for microfilming Town records when they realized that Laserfiche would serve their community better!

Town of East Fishkill, New York

Employing General Code's backfile conversion services, the Town was providing return on its investment the very first day of implementation.

Town of Greece, New York

At 90,000 residents and growing, Greece needed to find a searchable and reliable way to archive its existing documents and capture day-forward documents as well. Combining a General Code Laserfiche document management system and General Code's scanning services, the Town of Greece found the total solution.

Jamestown School District, New York

Serving a community of 35,000 citizens with 10 schools generates a lot of documents and creates an urgent need to manage the mounds of paper in an easy-to-access, easy-to-use and cost-effective way. Jamestown S.D. found that Successful Records Management 101's only prerequisite was Laserfiche.

Town of Lockport, New York

  1.  The town was among the first municipalities to use General Code's GIS integration system as part of a multi-phase program to enhance accessibility to municipal information. >> Click to read more
  2. The Town’s Information Services Technician and the outsource vendor who provides technical computer support set about trying to retrieve the years of information that had been input into the Laserfiche® files, she said. They were able to retrieve data off some of the drives, but the data appeared to be unusable. “My next thought,” the Town Clerk says, “was ‘Call General Code.'" >> Click to read more

Oneida County

When Oneida County was founded in 1798, it was on the frontier of a new nation. Now, Oneida County is once again pioneering into new territory as its District Attorney’s Office is the first in New York State to go paperless.

Rockland County BOCES, New York

Many school districts do not have the luxury of having a professional records management staff to design and implement programs that address this issue. Rockland BOCES offers many records management support services to assist districts with this very important responsibility.

Town of Southold, New York

Town officials wanted to decrease the turn around time for requests, allowing public access to historic and recent documents in seconds instead of a few days.

Town of Union Vale, New York

Searching years of minutes was a time-consuming, tedious but necessary process - until the town purchased a Laserfiche system. Now the Clerk easily locates the precise information she is looking for, saving a multitude of hours - even days of research.

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ELA Group, Inc. - Pennsylvania

As an engineering firm, ELA maintains many of the same records as a municipality does, but their needs are unique because they have to maintain records for several different municipality clients and private customers.

Township of West Goshen, Pennsylvania

Implementing a Laserfiche system in several departments makes interdepartmental searches for documents and all associated data far easier and more efficient than ever before. General Code's training and support made installation and on-going maintenance fast and easy.

Township of Swatara, Pennsylvania

A total document management solution - General code is helping the township to become a paperless community. Board minutes are scanned as soon as they are complete, making paper copies obsolete; and newly adopted ordinances, which used to include an original file copy, plus nine copies for reference, are now easily and immediately accessible in Laserfiche!

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Dane County, Wisconsin

Officials wanted to improve their system for managing access to official records,and they needed a way to store and retrieve those documents that would continue to be efficient and cost-effective well into the future.

City of Edgerton, Wisconsin

For anyone who thinks their community is too small to benefit from Laserfiche®, the City Clerk of Edgerton is here to tell you to think again.

Sheboygan County, Wisconsin

The County Register of Deeds office needed access to birth, death and marriage records for local requests, many times daily, and for genealogists doing research in the office.

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