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Building, Planning, Zoning Solution powered by Municity™

Building, Planning, Zoning Solution Powered by Municity

Municity Brochure

Building Department Module | Planning & Zoning Module
The Municity Advantage | Integrating Into Your Workflow

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Looking for a seamless information and data tracking solution?
Designed specifically for municipal building, planning and zoning departments, Municity provides total parcel data management. Built to integrate with your planning and zoning projects for easy coordination and tracking.

Enhance services to your constituents
General Code has partnered with Software Consulting Associates (SCA) to assist municipalities of all sizes to manage code enforcement and development projects more effectively – delivering faster, easier access to important information.

With Municity, you can:

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  • Create a more efficient application process
  • Track project reviews
  • Maintain conditions applied to planning projects
  • Access critical planning and zoning department information
  • Expedite notification letters
  • Improve revenue tracking process
  • Facilitate fee entry
  • Retrieve records quickly and easily
  • Improve interdepartmental communication

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Municity Building Department Module


Manage more effectively

Municity was designed to help you coordinate all of your related activities with:

  • Easy tracking of day-to-day activities  
  • Complete property information management 
  • Excellent flexibility that allows for simple customizations to meet your specific community needs

Parcel History

See all the activities related to a parcel, including permits, inspections, complaints, variances, and other actions. The embedded ESRI ArcView Mapping software provides convenient access to parcel maps and
performs proximity searches.


Track building permits every step of the way – from application
acceptance through final issuance of certificates – including:

  • Comprehensive and easy application process
  • Architects’ and contractors’ licenses and insurance information (including detection of expiring licenses)
  • Construction costs and starting and completion dates
  • All associated permit fees
  • Review board meetings
  • Scheduling of multiple inspections for large building sites
  • Support for temporary COs, time-sensitive permits (e.g., fire, elevator, accessory apartments)
  • Easy printing of permits, COs, CCs and CNCs
  • Tracking of parcel characteristics and inventory (e.g., number of bedrooms or baths) by permit
  • Permit linking for large projects (e.g., link plumbing and electric permits to base building permit)
  • Easy sub-segmentation of parcels


 Municity offers complete tracking and scheduling capabilities for inspections, including checklists, documents, fees and pictures. You can create inspection templates for each permit type to ensure that all inspections are completed before a permit is closed. Additional benefits include:

  • Easy assignment or reassignment of inspections to any inspector
  • Daily inspection sheets with court appearances, police actions, and other miscellaneous events
  • Simple scheduling of inspections with safeguards to ensure there are no time conflicts
  • Unlimited number of comments can be added
  • Automatic updating of interval inspections
  • Easy scheduling of inspection visits and entering results
  • Meet the strictest standards for providing openness and scalability
  • Portable synchronization available

Fire/Safety Inspections

Track all fire- and safety-related equipment and associated inspections for any given parcel or individual business. You can establish occupancy limits down to a single room within a location and schedule periodic inspections as needed. And you can easily generate corresponding occupancy cards and letters.


Municity tracks all complaints, including issuance of violations based on the municipality’s Code. As an option, complaint points can be assessed for each violation and a parcel can be locked. For instance, a “no permit release” can be issued if the number of complaint points is too high within a certain time period. Other features include:

  • Entry and tracking of multiple violations
  • Easy scheduling of inspections from the first inspection to close date
  • Court information
  • Pictures and documents
  • Easy printing of initial notices, affidavits, memorandum of violations, final notices, summons, and rescind notices


The software’s customizable fee structure allows you to create fees based on your municipality’s schedule, including fee types based on square footage, cost of construction, or more complex calculations.
It includes:

  • Automatic calculation of fees
  • Daily or weekly fee accounting reports
  • General ledger reports
  • Receipt and invoice printing
  • Easy tracking of interval inspection fees


Create multiple occupants per parcel to easily manage multiple tenants under one SBL.

Record Retrieval

Municity provides quick and easy retrieval of all records from both office and remote locations.

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Municity Planning & Zoning Module


Track your projects and activities

Municity simplifies the application and approval process for variances, subdivisions, ARB, site plans and more. Municity will track scheduled board meetings, bonds, escrow accounts, and fees, document board decisions, arrange inspections and issue permits to new lots.

  • Provide detailed tracking of each approval process with aneasy-to-view chronology
  • Alert or stop permit/certificate issuance until conditions are met
  • Manages schedules, meetings, staff tasks, applicant conditions, important documents, and more

Financial Management

Track collections of all fees, bonds, and escrow accounts. Each planning or zoning project can have multiple escrow accounts and each one can be managed separately with reminders for when the accounts fall below a pre-defined threshold.

Meeting Management

Track all your meetings, including tasks that must be completed prior to them (public notices, neighbor notifications, etc). You can print agendas and meeting minutes – and automatically link project tasks with meeting items so it’s easy to track approvals or denials and then track or publish meeting minutes.

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The Municity Advantage


Audit Trail

A complete audit trail is maintained on all activities, including archiving of all deleted records, documents and pictures. Track all SQL statements for ease of recreation if necessary.

Contact Management

A fully integrated contact manager allows you to track all your contacts and reuse them throughout the application.

Forms and Reports

Municity comes standard with approximately  40 reports and 70 forms. In the Report Center, you can create your own report parameters and save them for future use. You can also e-mail or save reports as part of the history of a project or  application. Reports can be scheduled for printing on future dates or recurring dates, such as the end of each month.


You can easily attach digital pictures to projects, applications, or inspections directly from your digital camera or camera phone.

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Integrating Municity into your workflow

Municity is designed to work with your existing processes  and software – it will help  integrate your workflow.

Document Management – Easily attach all electronic documents to a project or application, including Word Documents, Excel spreadsheets, maps, e-mails, or scanned documents with the Municity Archive Integration Module. It also integrates with General Code’s Laserfiche® Document Management System. 

Features & Benefits

The Municity Archive Integration Module delivers:

  • Flexibility capture and import different types of documents
  • Scalability storage and archiving allow for growth and change
  • Quick access indexing and retrieval let you find what you want when you want it
  • Distribution put information in the hands of the right people
  • Security protect your documents from loss and tampering


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