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HR Solutions featuring NovusHR Recruiting and Hiring Tracking Software

NovusHR - a human resources solution

Designed to streamline the recruiting and hiring process

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NovusHR is a web based solution which empowers organizations with the ability to automate the entire recruiting and hiring process. This means lower costs and less time spent organizing and forwarding applications throughout the organization as well as eliminating lost applications and guaranteeing applications can be exported and saved to the existing HR technology infrastructure.

NovusHR: managing hiring process and applicant trackingNot only will people within your organization and the public enjoy what NovusHR can do, they’ll also see an immediate return on investment. NovusHR not only reduces problems and stress levels associated with an antiquated hiring and recruiting process, it also helps the organization run more smoothly by ensuring the most qualified applicants are considered for any open positions. It’s one of the easiest ways to improve your organization!

NovusHR improves the process for everyone:

Public Access

The public can navigate to your web site to access NovusHR. Applicants will view posted jobs on a job posting page that is included with NovusHR. This page is customized to meet the look and feel of your web site. Your logo and colors are added prior to shipment. Applicants can apply for one or more jobs while on your site. Applicants can even upload attachments they want to share with you. EEO data is collected and secured for authorized access only. HR Staff can set up pre-qualifying questions for any position. These questions are optional and can vary for each position. The purpose of pre-qualifying questions is to filter out grossly unqualified candidates to reduce HR workload.

HR Staff

HR staff can review and “release” applications to Hiring Managers with the click of a button. In addition, they can add attachments to applications for record keeping, insert comments into any applicant’s notes field and rate applicants. The option to print an application is available for all users. HR staff can control the flow of applications by setting which ones are released and which ones are held for further review. Certain HR staff can review incoming job requisitions from hiring managers. Once they review them they can post the position to the Job Posting pages on your web site with one mouse click. Finally, HR staff review hiring requests made by hiring managers. These requests are initiated by hiring managers after they have completed their interview process.

Hiring Managers

Hiring Managers begin the process by filling out a job requisition request. NovusHR is flexible enough to allow each client to customize their job requisition forms. Hiring Managers receive E-Mail notifications when HR Releases an application that fits their need. They simply log in and view the applications targeted at their open positions. HR Administrators control Hiring Manager access to applications. They can open up the entire database or restrict access to only positions hiring managers have open. Hiring Managers can record their interviews right in NovusHR. Their ratings can be used so each Hiring Manager can rank those people they have interviewed for later reference. When they have found the perfect match they simply click the submit for hire button to process that applicant back to HR for hiring. The whole process is paperless however, users can print applications at any time to suit their needs.

HR Managers

HR Managers can control user rights as well as manage Job codes and Rejection codes. They also control Ratings and other administrative level tasks that help keep information flowing smoothly and promote consistency throughout the organization. Managers also oversee the flow of applications both with HR staff and out to Hiring Managers. HR staff can be assigned to review certain types of positions and Hiring Managers can be restricted in their views or be given unrestricted access. Finally, Managers have access to all reporting capabilities such as EEO reports. HR Managers do not need to be high level technical users. The Administrators have very easy to use interfaces to manage the whole infrastructure .

NovusHR workflows are configurable to your specific needs

Workflows in NovusHR are configurable to meet the specific needs of your organization. Included in NovusHR is workflow maintenance that will enable you to change your NovusHR workflows as the processes within your organization change.

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