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Customer Survey

The Gordon S. Black Survey



In accordance with our goal of continual improvement, General Code selected the Gordon S. Black Corporation (GSBC) to conduct a benchmark customer satisfaction survey. Our goals were to measure overall satisfaction, measure satisfaction with performance by specific departments, and to determine what kinds of improvements would be most meaningful to our customers.

We were very pleased with the results of our survey; a letter from Gordon Black, Chairman and CEO of GSBC to General Code, said that our score of 9.6 (on a 10 point scale) is the highest single measurement they have received for any client; that our customer loyalty scores (willingness to recommend and continue using) were even higher.

The GSBC has conducted thousands of customer satisfaction surveys for all kinds of companies; we are thrilled that our customers are so pleased with our work and we thank them for taking the time from their busy schedules to let us know.

Our best reward from this survey, however, is knowing that our customers are aware of and appreciate the effort we make to provide the highest quality products and services in the industry. As we continue our working relationships with our clients we look forward to maintaining, and improving on, the same high levels of customer service and product quality our customers have come to expect from General Code.

We Are #1 in Customer Satisfaction!


If you would like to know more about the methodology and see the actual results (overall and by department), please continue.

Methodology of the Survey | Survey Results

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Survey Methodology

Phase I - Research

The Gordon S. Black Corporation (GSBC) began our project by conducting hour long interviews with key personnel at General Code. They talked with 12 people representing management, administration, sales, marketing, customer service, editorial, production and shipping. They also reviewed sample proposals and contracts, and looked at our sales promotion materials. They used key findings from this research to develop an exploratory customer questionnaire.

Phase II - Exploratory Interviews

Using the questionnaire developed in Phase I, GSBC interviewed 30 randomly selected General Code customers. These open-ended discussions familiarized GSBC with the types of events that customers experience working with General Code Publishers and helped them identify key drivers of satisfaction.

Phase III - Benchmark Survey

Using the information gathered in the first two phases, GSBC and General Code developed a detailed questionnaire covering every aspect of our interaction with our customers - from the first sales call through the delivery of the product and including ongoing customer service. Interviews were conducted by telephone with 200 randomly selected customers, and the results tabulated and analyzed by GSBC.

Overview of Survey | Survey Results

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Survey Results











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Thank you for taking the time to view the results of our
customer satisfaction survey!

If you would like to send us any comments regarding this survey, please complete the survey feedback form, or send us e-mail at survey [at] generalcode [dot] com.

We'd appreciate hearing from you!

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