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A Message from the President

We believe there’s a reason we’ve been in business for 50 years, and it has to do with you. Specifically, it’s about you and your expectations.  Whether you are already a General Code customer, or are considering our company to serve your needs, you have a certain standard in mind when it comes to working with a service provider.  From the quality of the products to the value of the service you receive, your expectations are high. But we think you have a right to expect more than that.

You have the right to a certain level of care – personal service and technical support – that demonstrates the respect you deserve. You have the right to expect the company you choose to work with to understand and continue providing for your changing needs with inventive thinking and technological advances that will make your job easier. You have a right to expect a civility of service that is personal, warm, reliable – an attentive relationship you can trust. All of this is part of something we have come to know as “The General Code Advantage.”

The General Code Advantage is defined by the standards regarding what we believe is the proper delivery of Codification Services and Content Management Solutions. It’s not just about providing access to your Code online, or installing and supporting a content management system to make your organization more efficient and cost-effective. Those are critical, but it’s more than that. It’s also about how we treat you, the way we communicate with you, the fact that you are not just our customer, you are our partner.  It is just as critical for us to work with you in a collaborative manner, empowering your own service and digital capabilities for better transparency, enhanced workflow, and improved productivity. It’s how we treat each other as co-workers, and we believe it’s how you should be treated when you choose to partner with us.

We believe our strength as a company, and a key part of The General Code Advantage, comes from a combination of factors that all have to do with investment. Throughout our 50 years, we have invested in our employees, in technology and, most importantly, in you. Our company employs 100 experienced, talented, well-trained and high-functioning people who are dedicated to providing the level of service you expect and deserve. We continually invest in developing progressive, cutting-edge technology to make you more effective in your position, and to help you provide unparalleled service to your constituents or customers. And, we are as committed as ever to investing in you through our support of association events and educational programs.

The General Code Advantage has been in place since 1962, and while technology is changing and improving the way we deliver our products and services to you, our core principles remain the same. That is your guarantee as a General Code client, that you will be treated with a civility that is both human and strategically tied to your needs as well as our own. It will never be just about what we do. It will always be about how we do it.

So, welcome to a higher standard in codification and content management services, where the proper treatment of the people we partner with and their information management needs is part of our DNA – and our dedication to The General Code Advantage will continue to guide us into our next 50 years of service to you.


Gary M. Domenico
President & CEO

I appreciate you taking the time to read this message.  I would like to hear your thoughts about it, and encourage you to send your comments directly to me at .