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What’s your policy?
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Curing traffic congestion with a healthier road diet.
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How can eCode360® help municipal planners with time management issues? 
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Loosening fireworks bans to add more ‘boom’ to the bottom line. Read more >

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What’s Your Policy?
Who’s making that tweet on behalf of your community? Have they had proper training about what’s appropriate and what’s not? Do all of your municipal employees understand how and when they can access social media while on the job – or on their own time? Does your community have a social media policy in place? (Spoiler alert: the answer should be yes.) Keep reading >

On Topic

Putting Roads On A Diet To Cure Traffic Congestion

Just as people try to get healthier with Atkins, Paleo, Whole30 and other popular diet regimens, urban streets can be more trim and less congested when a “road diet” strategy is put in place. The idea is to reduce and reconfigure car lanes to allow easier traffic flow and provide a more friendly environment for walkers and bicyclists. Check out Cupola Media’s video to see “Four Road Diets” explained by urban designer Jeff Speck. Watch now >


Fireworks: More Bang = More Bucks

As consumer demand for fireworks has grown, so has the inclination for states to relax their restrictive laws and lift their bans to allow sales of fireworks for consumer use. The reason is primarily financial, to keep money and tax revenue from crossing state lines, adding more ‘boom’ to their bottom lines. Keep reading >



As a Planner, how can General Code help me save time with citizen questions and Code updates?

General Code uses an industry-leading publishing platform that allows us to replicate your thoughtfully designed documents while adding the organizational structure and search features that Codes require. We are proactive in keeping your Code current at all times, greatly trimming the amount of time you and your staff might normally spend doing Code updates yourselves. Finally, by creating a Code that’s concise and readily accessible online, you and your staff will spend less time answering questions from citizens, developers and other users so you can do what you do best – plan for your municipality.

For more information on how General Code can help planners and developers, visit our website. Or look for us at conferences this fall for a live demo.


On Topic

Survey Says…

Last month we asked for your favorite government-related TV show. Drum roll, please. The most popular answer was… Parks and Recreation!

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