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Codification Services - from General Code

Codification Services

Codification requires a deep understanding of municipal government. It is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of service. General Code has built its reputation of delivering a higher standard in codification by leaning in and listening carefully to what our customers need, and then immersing ourselves in the laws and regulations of your community. With over fifty years of municipal experience, we have designed and refined a process that streamlines the complexity of codification for our customers.

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Codification Products & Services - from General Code

Products & Services

General Code has the long-term experience and trusted services that thousands of municipalities already depend on, and we’re ready to partner with your community. Whether you are updating an existing Code or creating a new one, our wide array of codification products and services are all designed to meet the specific needs of local governments like yours.

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Codification - Editorial & Legal Analysis - from General Code

Editorial and Legal Analysis

Law is not static. It is dynamic and changes with our society as new needs, different mores and obsolete principles occur. The thousands of municipal attorneys and officials we partner with praise and rely on the quality of our editorial services. With the benefit of their experience and knowledge, our Certified Codification Consultants make practical suggestions to revise and improve your legislation to make it more reliable and enforceable. 

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Codification Supplementation Services - from General Code

Supplementation Services

As your community’s needs change and grow, it is critically important to maintain your Code as an up-to-date and accurate reflection of your current laws. By regularly updating your Code with any new or amended legislation, you are making certain that your Code is an enforceable and reliable  resource for your entire community.

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Electronic Code Solutions - from General Code

Electronic Code Solutions

At General Code, we are not interested in being a follower. We continually invest in developing progressive, innovative technologies that help your organization be more efficient and effective. Today, as electronic code solutions are becoming an increasingly vital part of everyday constituent service, we are leading the technological transformation to support your efforts to deliver service excellence to your constituents.

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eCode360 Features and Benefits

eCode360 Features & Benefits

Our eCode now has the readily-accessible features that users need most. The view is clean, clutter-free and was created by award-winning graphic designers. This new design makes it easier-to-use and more search-friendly. And with the addition of more feature-rich functionality, you and your constituents get the most enriching user experience possible.

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eCode360 - MultiView Technology

MultiView Technology

Our eCode now has the readily-accessible features that users need most. Our in-house software engineers and product developers got to work by eliminating complexity and implementing simplicity in the design of our existing eCode360® with MultiView Technology™. The new design makes it easier-to-use and more search-friendly, which has greatly improved the user experience. 

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eCentric Codification

eCentric Codification

General Code has created a forward-thinking solution that prepares your municipality for the digital and mobile world. We call it eCentric Codification. It’s specifically designed to enhance your ability to instantly access your eCode anytime, anywhere. Our eCentric solution will also support your green initiatives and reduce dependency on paper code books. Additionally, you will reduce the amount of time and effort required by your municipality to maintain paper code books.

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Public Documents

Public Documents

With PubDocs, you can provide immediate access to municipal information that you want to make available to the public — even if that information is not included in the Code. Your citizens and other constituents can easily view public documents online, such as meeting minutes, agendas, resolutions, budgets, legislation and more.

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eCode Search App Brochure PDF

eCode Search - The Ultimate Search App

Download our all new eCode Search app on your mobile device today—FREE. It delivers amazing speed and convenience by allowing you to search up, down and across your municipal Code for 360° access. Now you can search what you need in mere seconds… anytime, anywhere.

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Codification Products & Services - from General Code

Codification Education

What is Codification? In brief, “Codification” is a process in which laws are organized in a logical way. It is the collection and organization of your legislation into a numbered and stylized document that is easy to read and easy to access. 

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Capabilities Brochure - Products and Services

The General Code Advantage

Every city and town seems to have a business that has been around for 50 years. It’s usually a family-based establishment that provides great customer service. In this respect, General Code is no different. Our company is different, however, in that our profession has been around for over 4,000 years.

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Code of Engagement Brochure

The Code of Engagement

Our Code of Engagement is founded on a set of seven values. These values are at the heart of our company and guide the actions of every employee. The everyday manifestation of these values is evident in how we listen to one another, how we support each other, and the results we deliver.

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