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General Code - News Releases

2014 Laserfiche Winners Circle VarFebruary 3, 2014 (ROCHESTER, NY) – General Code announced today that it has been named a Laserfiche® Winners Circle Achiever. The Winners Circle is an elite group of Laserfiche value-added resellers with successful installations, a commitment to exceptional service, and strong sales… read more


eCode360 with MultiView TechnologyOur eCode with MultiView Technology is designed with simplicity in mind, providing the best user experience in the industry. eCode Phase 2 has been released! The visually engaging and easy-to-use interface (first introduced in April) has now been applied to the Admin view when you log-in. We’ve also added helpful features you’ve been waiting for, such as… read more

Laserfiche in the News

In the News!

Read about how Franklin County, PA, plans to expand Laserfiche to save $900,000 a year by going paperless in the Red Bluff Daily News.

The All-New eCode360There are exciting changes coming to eCode360 in 2013! On April 1st General Code will reveal a new look and feel to its state-of-the-art eCode service.

The All-New eCode will provide users with a more intuitive interface that is at once visually engaging and easier to use – and customizable! If you choose, you can now modify the top banner and accent colors in your eCode for a seamless transition from your municipal website to your Code online… read more

Reading, MA Town Records Dating to 1600s get 21st Century Overhaul“Out of all the software I’ve trained folks on, it is one of the easiest to use and easiest for folks to get adapted to.”… read more

Eaton County, MI named recipient of 2012 IT Project of the Year. At this year's Michigan Government Management Information Sciences (GMIS) conference, Eaton County’s Accounts Payable Process Automation employing Laserfiche® technology was selected as the 2012 IT Project of the Year!… read more

Smithtown Implements Property Data Management Software. The Town of Smithtown is divided into over 43,000 parcels. Each parcel has a variety of information that needs to be tracked, such as inspections, permits, complaints, planning and zoning issues, and more… read more

Saving Livingston County, MI a Year’s Worth of Work. If you’re not careful, you might overlook the critical advantage and benefit that Livingston County is experiencing.  Not enough hours in the day?  How would you like to get a whole other year to get things done?  The new digital document management system in Livingston County, MI is giving them just that…and, its letting Livingston law enforcement enforce the law… read more

Tompkins County,  NY Records Management Project Morphs into Mini-Cloud Soon Serving All 16 County Communities. A rapidly expanding enterprise content management system is saving the county millions of dollars in planned construction costs, thousands more every month in staffing costs, and offering the promise of one day expanding to service every city and town in Tompkins County.“When we saw what General Code could do with Laserfiche we decided to get rid of those boxes of paper and vacate the building,” says Deputy County Clerk, Maureen Reynolds… read more

Employees’ “Wows” Push Expansion of Shared Services for Laserfiche ECM System in Jamestown, NY. When it comes to spending on information technology, let everyone else calculate return on investment or point to budget line items. New York’s Jamestown City School District will keep on counting the “wows” from its employees… read more

Less stress, faster service in the Brookhaven, New York Building Department.  The Brookhaven Deputy Clerk recently reported that the local Building Department was able to complete no less than 122 record requests in a single day right from their computers, without requesting one file from the Records Center.  Read more…

General Code Unveils a New Website! As we begin a new year, we are proud to present a new look and feel to our web site!… read more

General Code's new location - Elmgrove Road, NY

General Code moved to a new Location
Rochester, NY, July 21, 2011 – General Code, LLC, has announced a relocation of its corporate headquarters. The company has moved to the Rochester Tech Park…read more

All new ecode360 with Multiview Technology

All-New… eCode360® with MultiView Technology™

General Code is excited to announce an all-new version of our eCode360® online service. The transition from your current eCode360 site to your new site will be seamless and uninterrupted. There are no requirements from you or anyone at your municipality…read more

Staying on Top of Your Game from Your Office Chair
A webinar or ‘web conference’ is a seminar or presentation that you participate in via the Internet and you listen to the audio through your telephone.  A key feature of a webinar session is its interactive elements—the ability to give, receive and discuss information, rather than just receive it.  It’s the latest way to learn about new products and/or services right from your own office!…read more

General Code Announces Acquisition of Penns Valley Publishers
Rochester, NY – September 2005 — General Code announced today the acquisition of Penns Valley Publishers, the oldest codification company in Pennsylvania…read more