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Value Added Services

Did You Know?

Value-Added Services from General Code

Did you know that General Code is more than just a codifier and provider of document management technology and services? We offer many free services to our clients that can help you manage your information and documents and make your job easier.

Code Accuracy Checks - It's important that you are confident that at least one Code in your offices is current and updated properly, but we understand that with all your other responsibilities, it's sometimes difficult to insert all your supplements correctly. General Code will do a complete accuracy check of the Clerk's and Attorney's copies of the Code once each year free of charge. We will compare those Codes to our control copy, remove any old pages and/or insert any new pages and return your book to you in accurate form. Simply call us or send your book to us for an accuracy check.

Ready Access to Training and Customer Service - General Code prides itself on accessible, professional and helpful customer service at all levels of our company. Your Account Representatives are always available to answer questions, help you get your materials to our offices for a Code or supplementation project or to provide training in using our electronic Code or Laserfiche.

Easy Code Maintenance - As more and more of your constituents look for access to your legislation, it's increasingly important to ensure that your Code, whether in paper or electronic format, is updated regularly and consistently. You can choose the schedule that works best for you - either supplementation on demand as legislation is adopted, or regular supplements scheduled on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis. If you choose a supplementation schedule, General Code will send you a reminder approximately two weeks before your supplement is scheduled to be set up. The reminder is a handy prompt to encourage you to send in all legislation that has been adopted to that point. You may also choose to update your eCode more often than your paper Code at no additional charge.

Sample Legislation - There's no sense in "reinventing the wheel" each time you have to address a new issue in your municipality. Your neighbors and others in your region have probably had to deal with the same thing. Just call General Code, tell us what you're trying to accomplish or the specific topic you're interested in, and we'll research legislation from other municipalities for your consideration. You and your municipal attorney can then review the samples to draft legislation most appropriate for your situation. Visit our free samples on-line page.

Legislation Review - Sometimes it's a challenge to turn a piece of legislation into part of your code. General Code's experienced editorial staff is available to help ensure that the legislation you adopt properly amends your municipal code. Simply send us legislation that is proposed for adoption, and our staff will review it to ensure that the content is numbered correctly, properly amends your code, and that it makes sense and is not missing any text. Not only does this provide a double-check for municipal officials, it trims supplementation costs by reducing the editorial time needed to ultimately update your code.

Outside Sales & Supplementation Services - You may find that individuals and businesses outside municipal government are interested in owning a copy of your municipal code. Call our offices to set up an outside sales program and we'll take care of the orders and the updates.  You'll no longer have to worry about maintaining extra copies of your Code, taking orders, tracking sales to people outside your offices, or mailing out updates.

Training* - As technology advances to allow you to manage your records more efficiently, General Code is ready to partner with you by offering flexible training options to show you how to maximize the use of your tools. Whether you have new technology that you're learning for the first time, an upgrade to your existing technology or new employees who need to learn existing technology, General Code offers training over the phone, in person, or via live webinar sessions. You don't even need to leave your home or office! Check out our calendar of free webinars

Flexible Records Management Solutions - You can contact the office at any time to schedule a free needs assessment that will show you the options you have to manage your documents. Do you have legislation in folders, quantities of vital records, documents everywhere? General Code offers a variety of flexible records management solutions tailored to your particular needs, including backfile conversion (converting paper documents to electronic images), document imaging solutions or codification services. General Code representatives are also available to hold educational workshops to teach you, your clerks' association or other groups about records management as it relates to better customer service in local government.

Wide Variety of Electronic Product Options - Whether you want everyone in your municipality to have electronic access to your municipal code, trying to find a better way to manage the quantity of paper in your office, looking for a way to integrate your Code, maps and Building Department files, or trying to keep track of who's serving on what board, General Code has a solution to meet your needs. Our skilled and experienced Account Representatives, installers, Help Desk, and trainers are available to present the options to your municipal officials, including electronic Code services, content management solutions,  Building, Planning & Zoning integrations, and more.

Electronic Access to Legislation - Not only does General Code offer its clients a free sample legislation service that is a simple phone call away, anyone is free to visit our Online eCode Library. Within seconds you'll be able to search your neighbors are addressing issues in their jurisdiction. 

Keeping in Touch - We love to hear from you and we always want to stay in touch to let you know the latest innovations or trends in municipal codification and document management services. Whether through regular supplementation reminders, calls for missing legislation from our experienced editorial staff, or visiting our website we want to hear what your needs are and work with you to develop solutions. Call or write to us anytime. Contact Us!

These are just a few more of the many value-added services General Code offers. Contact our offices today to see how we can help you do your job better and serve your constituents more effectively.