2018: The Year of the Zoning Code

Our new user-centric online services offer smart ways to present
zoning information and help encourage community growth.

Visual Zoning

As communities continue to change and grow, the ability to understand and work within local zoning requirements has taken on new importance.

Today there is a better understanding among local governments that zoning data needs to be more connected to user needs, easier to find and presented in a way that makes the user experience simple and more dynamic. And when zoning data is simple to access and interpret, people can more quickly find answers to their questions and even discover ways to strategically grow their community.

In 2018 General Code responded to these needs with the introduction of Visual Zoning services. As the name implies, these services help businesses and property owners visually connect relevant zoning details to their particular situation so they can better understand what questions they need to ask or actions they may need to take to comply with their Zoning Code. As the internet has brought about a more visually focused culture, our Visual Zoning services are seen as a natural extension of the way people process and retain information today.

Here’s a quick look at our Visual Zoning offerings for communities:

eCode360® MapLink Powered by ZoningHub

MapLink uses a municipality’s existing GIS files to create an interactive map that’s connected directly to the data from its online Zoning Code. With a few clicks on the map, residents, planners, developers and others can see the essential elements for development areas, including dimensional requirements, allowable uses and zoning districts. As the municipality’s Zoning Code is updated online, the data is simultaneously updated in MapLink so users are always working with the most up-to-date information.

See how the City of Easton, PA is already putting Maplink to work.

eCode360® Enhanced Graphics

To effectively present a current and accurate community vision to the public, online Zoning Codes need to be well organized, easy to use and have visual impact. The use of color and graphic elements can help achieve those objectives.

When a municipality needs to update its ordinance, it may discover that the online visual presentation that users refer to also needs to change. Making these visual updates is important, but can be time consuming, and may require an experienced resource to maintain the look, function and graphical integrity of the Zoning Code as it evolves.

eCode360 Enhanced Graphics optimizes the usability of online municipal codes, and retains original design content, including graphically rich content like tables, illustrations and images. As a community grows and changes are made to its zoning regulations, the municipality simply sends those changes to General Code where our codification experts integrate them into its online Zoning Code for constituents to easily access and use to stay accurately informed.

See how the City of Crystal Lake, IL is using Enhanced Graphics.

Learn more about our Visual Zoning services. For an interactive introduction to MapLink, register for our webinar!

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