Promotional Materials

Now that your MapLink site is live, it’s important to spread the word about this great new service to business and property owners so they can find and use it right away! Use the materials in this kit to help promote the benefits of MapLink in print and online. By presenting a clear message about MapLink in a variety of media formats, you can help potential users find the essential zoning information they need to move their projects forward — and help grow your community.

Press Release

Your interactive MapLink site is big news! A press announcement in your local newspaper or municipal newsletter will reach a large portion of your community to let potential users know some of the details about this exciting new resource. You can edit the enclosed press release template to start telling your community’s own MapLink story to the local media.

Website Announcement

Your website Home Page, news page or zoning page are perfect places to include a brief paragraph or two about your new MapLink site. Information regarding MapLink’s features and benefits as well as a direct link to your interactive map can make it easier for users to find MapLink on your website.

PDF Handout

Need a quick explanation of MapLink to share with staff, developers or business and property owners? This handout provides a clear, visual overview of your site that you can distribute in electronic or printed form. Simply add your MapLink URL and send the handout to anyone that could benefit from using it!

Quickstart Guide

This is a valuable resource that you and other users of your site can refer to for basic navigation steps within your MapLink site. Clear, color graphics take you through the methods of find zoning information within your site — by district, land use, or by parcel and address numbers.

Website Button Icons

Do you need a graphic for your website to help your online visitors find your MapLink site? We’ve included generic icons that you can give to your webmaster for use on your own website. (Right click to download)

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