Overview of MapLink Updates (June 2021)

As part of our commitment to making the MapLink user experience the very best it can be, we’ve recently made some enhancements to the online zoning platform. Based on user feedback, these upgrades will help improve readability and navigation across the site and include modifications and improvements to icons, text, selectors and base map options.


  • Refreshed left hand view pane where focused content is now arranged by tabs for easier navigation.
  • New Start Guide that offers tips and guidance on terms and processes that you may not be familiar with — or simply need to brush up on.
  • The ability to toggle between zoning map and parcel map details without having to use the zoom function.
  • View parcel details in a separate pop-up window so they remain visible while you are manipulating the map in other ways.

For a complete, detailed summary of all the new enhancements available to you now, scroll on.

Overview of Zoning District/Parcel toggle

Users can now select the zoning or the parcel map at any zoom level. This feature will be available on a banner at the top of the map screen. Designed to increase clarity, the banner will show which map type is enabled starting with the zoning map by default.

Selecting Enable the Parcels layer will allow you to select individual parcels even if the map is at the lowest zoom level. The map will then zoom in on the selected parcel and display second updated map feature, the new Parcel Details box.

Overview of the new parcels box

This box contains the same information that was previously available if you selected “Parcel Zoning Details” after clicking on a parcel in the map pane. However, because the information is in an independent box, it will remain visible even if alternate options are selected in the left-hand pane. You will now be able to make changes to the map without losing your search results.

  1. Selecting Details after the zoning district will open the Filter by District tab and select that district so that relevant information will be available in the left-hand pane.
  2. Any relevant Overlay Districts can now be toggled on and off from this view.
  3. As before, the Show Description link will expand to show details about the overlay.
  1. The new Zoom To link allows you to quickly return to the selected parcel if you have zoomed out or away from the area.
  2. Create Parcel Details will create the familiar Parcel Details page in a new window. This functionality is unchanged.
  3. Delete Selection will unselect the parcel and close the Details Box.
  4. Dismiss will hide the Details Box but the selected parcel will stay selected. To reopen the Details Box, click the parcel again. 

Overview of Left Hand “Navigation” Pane Updates

The most noticeable change you will see in the Navigation pane is the move from a single pane menu to a tabbed menu format. This change will improve functionality for all maps and will provide easier navigation on mobile devices. All previous functions will remain the same but will be in slightly different location in the pane. All users will now start on an Orientation page and see a list of all available tabs and a brief description of what can be done with each.

Old menu
Slide image to reveal & compare new menu

“Orientation Menu” and New Tab Functionality

You can access Tabs by clicking on the term in the Orientation Menu or by clicking on the corresponding menu icon in the bar above the left pane. The Orientation Menu will always be available from the hamburger menu icon on the far left.

  1. Filter by District, Filter by Land Use and Find a Property now all have individual tabs.
  2. The Base Map selector, Zoning Layer District Opacity drop down menu and all Overlay and Other Map Feature toggles have been relocated to the Map Settings tab.
  3. If enabled, More Maps will be displayed in its own tab.
  4. Any new map features that we add in the future will also have unique tabs.

All tabs have been designed to function independently. For example, you will be able to search for an individual parcel in one zoning district while filtering the map display to a different zoning district. You will also be able to change settings on the map display such as overlays or opacity without losing the parameters of the parcel or zoning district you have already searched for.

  • All tabs are available and a brief, guiding description is given for each tab.
    • This description replaces the Learn More link that previously provided a pop-up with instructions.
    • This change is expected to reduce accidental clicks and improve navigation and “self training” on how to use the site.
  • Filter by District, Filter by Land Use and Find a Property appear on the menu in the same order as in the previous version of the site.

Individual Tab Overview

Filter by District

  1. As with the main screen, the Learn More link has been removed and the text from the corresponding pop-up has been modified and moved to the main screen. A green box with guiding text will now appear indicating what to do to filter down the entries.
  2. As before, selecting a district will only display the specified district on the zoning map.
  1. As with the main screen, the Learn More links have been removed from the menu and the text from the corresponding pop-ups has been modified and moved to the main screen. A green box with guiding text will now appear indicated what to do to filter down entries.
  2. As before, there will be expandable menus to display content related to the specific entry selected, though the button has been updated.
  3. All other functionality will remain the same.

Filter by Land Use

Functionality changes are similar to those for Filter by District.

  1. The Learn More link has been modified to include dynamic guiding text.
  2. Selecting a Land Use and a District will display expandable menus with content specific to that entry.

Find Property

  1. The Field drop down has been changed to a button selection for the type of search.
  2. The search box also has “helper” text to remind you what type of data you should be putting in the box.
  3. Search results will continue to be displayed below the search box.
  4. However, clicking on a result now has slightly different behavior. Instead of clicking Property Details to see information about the parcel, the new Parcel Details box will appear automatically over the map.
    • The contents of the lefthand pane will remain the same and will not navigate to the details page. If you mistakenly entered a wrong parcel and want to see a different one, the search list will remain and a different parcel can be easily selected without having to start a new search.

Map Settings

Significant visual changes have been made to these functions.

  1. The icons beside the Overlay Districts and Other Map Features have been expanded and modified so that the colors are easier to differentiate and the fill pattern of each shape is indicated.
  1. The Base Map selector has been modified to be an example “swatch” button instead of a generic radio button.
    • This is easier to manipulate on a mobile device
    • It additionally gives you a “heads up” of what to expect from your selection.  
    • Three new base map options have been added – Topography, Light Gray and Dark Gray.
      • The topography map option will allow users to see slope
      • The other two maps provide an easier to read Bright Light/Dim Light views for mobile devices.
      • Desktop users who spend a lot of time on the site may also like the additional options to ease eye strain.  
  1. The district Layer Opacity has been changed from a drop-down menu to a button selection menu and includes more options.
    • Please note that with the new values, any site with a specific default value will have that value changed to the number below it. (i.e. if the default value was 50% it will become 40%) If you would like this setting to be changed, please contact your Project Manager with the new value that you would like to use.

Other Mapping Information

If provided, links to additional GIS resources will be available on a separate tab. These links will redirect you to another, non-MapLink site.

If you would like to add additional GIS-based map content to your MapLink site, you will have to identify this content and contact your Project Manager.

Additional Updates

Additional pages and functionality have remained the same with one exception. Anywhere the Overlay District and Other Map Feature icons are displayed (ie, on a parcel summary page), they have been modified to be the larger, shape-specific icons.

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