Building Vibrant, Resilient Communities Together

General Code’s codification experts are focused on helping the communities we serve to rebound from the challenges rising from the COVID-19 pandemic. By developing forward-thinking technologies and processes, we’re simplifying and enhancing how local governments and their constituents find, access, and share information to build a more resilient future.
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We understand the power of collaboration between local governments and citizens, planners, developers and other constituents.

Emerging Resilient

Building a Resilient Future

At one point or another, every community faces times of crisis. Extreme weather conditions, health emergencies, economic downturns – the reasons vary. But great leadership will seize those moments to evaluate, learn, and find a way forward to a more prepared and vibrant future.

Show where you can strengthen and grow your community with simple, online access to zoning code details

Simplify how you serve your community with a flexible online code experience

Make your experience with our solutions the best it can be


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