Interactive Zoning Map

Map out new growth opportunities in your community

MapLink is a Visual Zoning™ service that presents the essential elements of your community’s zoning code through an interactive online map on the ZoningHub platform.

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Simple, online access to zoning code regulations


Quickly find property details that can help answer key zoning questions

“What can I do with my property?”
“Where can I open my business?”


Spur community development and resiliency

Helps business owners and developers confirm zoning details that are essential for streamlining plan approvals.


Stay linked to your most current zoning information

When your municipality’s zoning code is amended, the data is simultaneously updated in MapLink. You’ll always work with the most accurate zoning requirements.

Easy to use and simple to manage


Created from your municipality’s existing GIS Shapefiles, MapLink’s intuitive design allows for easy navigation so businesses and property owners can quickly find dimensional requirements, allowable uses, zoning districts and other essential property information.

As updates are made to your municipality’s zoning code and posted on eCode360, the data is also updated automatically in MapLink. You can be confident you are always working with the most accurate zoning requirements—and your municipal staff no longer has to lift a finger.

Click the map to quickly zoom into an individual parcel and examine zoning requirements in greater detail, or search for properties in your municipality based on intended land use. You can even click to see more details in eCode360.

Discover how an interactive zoning map
can help grow your community.

MapLink is a Visual Zoning Service from General Code

From online zoning maps, to flexible design enhancements for graphically-rich or form-based Codes, our Visual Zoning services offer smart options that your municipality can provide to property and business owners so they can see what’s possible for their property—and grow your community.

Maintain your graphically-rich zoning code with Enhanced Graphics.

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