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eCode360, the first online code portal of its kind, is specifically designed to house codified laws and municipal information in one convenient location. eCode360’s flexibility meets the needs of a wide variety of users from municipal staff, to planners to constituents.

Simplify how you serve your community


Keep your community up to date and informed

Keep everyone in your community connected and engaged with relevant code information including newly adopted laws, public documents and archived content. As your community grows and introduces and updates legislation, we can easily update your eCode so you can be confident you’re always working with the most up-to-date code information.


Conduct deeper, more targeted code searches

Advanced search filters help users find more relevant information in less time. Search by keywords, phrases, chapter types – and more.


Answer code questions with speed and accuracy

Multiple sharing options in eCode360 provide quick responses to code questions, saving municipalities and constituents time and boosting transparency. Users can link directly to specific code sections and chapters in emails or social media.

Key eCode360 Features


Access and search PDFs of recently adopted legislation prior to codification. New Laws are automatically uploaded to your eCode, typically within 24 hours of submission.


See how many views your eCode is getting and most commonly searched topics. Manage users and features on your site—or view information about your print books and history of updates.


Use the Multicode tool to locate and search across several codes at the same time to see what legislation other municipalities have adopted. Search by municipality, geographic region, government type or size of population.


Upload public documents to your online code for easy searching and public access.

Simplify offline code access by downloading code sections to a PDF. Or download code content to a Word document for easy editing.

Be completely transparent with constituents by posting selected code content to social media.

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Discover how eCode360 can transform the online code experience for your community.

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Search thousands of codes on your mobile device

Take our 2500+ online municipal codes with you wherever you go! The only app of its kind,  our eCode Search App gives you a powerful way to access and search General Code’s robust eCode360 library on your Internet-connected phone or tablet.

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