Building Vibrant, Resilient Communities Together

General Code’s codification experts are focused on helping the communities we serve to rebound from the challenges rising from the COVID-19 pandemic. By developing forward-thinking technologies and processes, we’re simplifying and enhancing how local governments and their constituents find, access, and share information to build a more resilient future.
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Digital building code solutions and interactive zoning maps are forward-thinking, innovative solutions that make vital information easier to access, use and understand.

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Exploring Custom I-Codes:
Integrate Local Amendments into a Single Publication

Custom Local Building Codes (CLBC) is a new solution from ICC and General Code that lets you seamlessly integrate the I-Codes with your local amendments.

User-Centered Zoning: A Community’s Perspective

Learn how a user-centered approach to zoning code access helps improve community engagement and time savings.

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Guadalupe County Texas

Fire officials benefit from single online source for local I-Code amendments

General Code is helping Guadalupe County, TX by providing a fast and efficient solution for making local amendments to their International Codes (I-Codes).

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Bellevue Washington, Custom Local Building Codes

Custom Local Building Codes consolidate model codes, state and local amendments in one place

The International Code Council and General Code combine efforts to create a consolidated set of accessible digital codes for Bellevue, WA.

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Each department head put a plan together for their staff and we all did the best we could with what we had
Mary Farmer
City Clerk, Corning, NY

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