Accreditation Where Accreditation is Due

A commitment to superior code enforcement practices and standards was recognized on a national scale as Norristown, PA recently attained accreditation from the American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE).

The Borough’s code
enforcement department is just the second in the nation to achieve The AACE accreditation; Plano, TX is the

The AACE is the only association
representing housing, property maintenance and zoning officials in the U.S. and

Meeting Established Code Enforcement Standards

To obtain AACE accreditation,
Norristown’s code enforcement department had to successfully complete and
submit an accreditation application packet which was reviewed by the AACE
Accreditation Committee. The department was also required to provide
information and supporting documents that demonstrated how the department met 59
AACE standards in areas such as general operations, personnel, case processing,
punitive actions, codes and ordinances and hearings and appeals. AACE
standards are intended to ensure a uniform level of service and level of
professionalism with all accredited code agencies, thereby increasing
community’s confidence in the policies and practices of an agency and the
overall code enforcement profession. 

Norristown’s accreditation is
valid for five years, as long as its annual reports are submitted, as required,
and the department remains in compliance with all program requirements.

“We are working diligently
every day to protect the biggest investments of people’s lives, their
properties. By enforcing building, housing, property maintenance, and other
Municipal and State codes, we make Norristown’s properties where we live, work,
play, and learn safer.” said Amrinder Singh, Code Enforcement Manager &
Building Code Official for Norristown.

Singh added that attaining
accreditation was a team effort with all of the employees helping, as well as
support from council and borough Manager Crandall Jones. “It took everyone on the
team to make it happen. I wanted our community to know that I do care and know
my team cares and that every day we strive to be an accountable, transparent,
and results driven department,” Singh said.

Now that Norristown’s code
enforcement department has been accredited, the borough is seeking similar
accreditation for its building department through the International
Accreditation Service (IAS). Attaining IAS accreditation would implement best
building practices and move Norristown to a higher rating. It would also help
lower insurance premiums for property owners.

Editor’s note: Norristown has been a General Code
client community since 1990.

Read more about Norristown’s AACE Accreditation here.

To learn how your code enforcement department can seek AACE Accreditation, visit the AACE website.

Feature image credit: Montgomery County Planning CommissionStony_Creek_Valley, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

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