Celebrating 15 Years of eCode360

General Code is celebrating 15 years of eCode360 the only online municipal code platform designed specifically to house codified laws and municipal information. It is trusted by more than 3,100 local governments – and continues to grow in value for users nationwide.

Making its debut in 2008, eCode360 was purposely built with the flexibility to accommodate the varying needs of its wide-ranging users that include citizens, municipal clerks and other officials, attorneys, planners, engineers, and architects. Since then, our eCode360 in-house developers have listened to our client communities and enhanced its many benefits for all users.

In celebration of this momentous milestone year in eCode360’s evolution, here are just 15 ways this innovative and ground-breaking digital code solution benefits the municipalities that have chosen to put it to work for their staff and citizens:

15 Ways eCode360 Benefits Your Municipality

  1. Efficiency
    Designed to be simple and intuitive to navigate and use, its easy update process also helps municipal staff to keep the online code always up to date and accurate.
  2. Transparency
    Ordinances and information in eCode360 are always available for municipal staff, officials, and citizens to openly search and share. Users can even elect to receive notification by email whenever their eCode is updated, so they’ll always know when and where changes have been made in the code.
  3. Consistent Availability
    eCode360 maintains an incredible uptime average of 99.9%, providing 24/7 availability for the entire community and other interested parties such as developers, realtors, and attorneys.
  4. Inclusive Accessibility
    eCode360 provides a translation option that can be switched on to allow users to view the online code in more than 100 languages.
  5. Shareability
    With multiple sharing options (email, downloading to PDF, or posting to social media), municipal staff can answer questions with speed and accuracy.
  6. Precision
    eCode360 allows users to drill down and share links at the deepest subsection level for accurate pinpointed citation.
  7. Reliability
    The New Laws feature ensures the most recent legislation is available to users. Adopted legislation is automatically updated to a municipality’s eCode typically within 24 hours of its submission.
  8. Resource Consolidation
    All vital municipal information can integrated and organized in a single location. eCode360’s PubDocs™ is an easy and secure online document management tool that resides alongside the eCode. Self-managed, PubDocs lets municipalities upload agendas, meeting minutes, budgets and other documents that are important to the community. And constituents can search on their own, without tying up municipal resources.
  9. Monitoring Code Activity
    The Dashboard feature displays important information about how and when your online code is used as well as what topics are top of mind with citizens and municipal users.
  10. Assistance in Drafting or Updating Legislation
    The Multicode tool helps locate and search across several codes at the same time to see legislation other municipalities have adopted. Search by municipality, geographic region, government type or size of population.
  11. Improving Editing Efficiency
    Make drafting new laws or suggesting changes to existing laws simpler tasks to accomplish. Use the Download to Word feature to copy text from your code – or another municipality’s code – for quicker editing.
  12. Proactive Responsiveness
    Electronic notes posted to sections within eCode360 can lead constituents directly to the information they’re looking for — and even information they didn’t know they needed. Links can be included to information contained within eCode or outbound to external online resources. Use of the Notes feature can pre-empt many of the phone calls and emails about commonly asked questions regarding the code.
  13. Code Archival
    eCode360 provides a permanent archive of previous versions of your eCode as an important tool for historical documentation and legal research.
  14. Mobile On-The-Go Access
    The eCode360 Search™ App, the only app of its kind, gives users a powerful way to access and search General Code’s online library of over 3,100 codes on your Internet-connected phone or tablet.
  15. API Content Integration
    eCode360 API allows our partner communities to seamlessly integrate content from the eCode360 online code portal into their own systems and platforms – including those from 3rd party providers and developers or other vendors.

These are just a few of the reasons eCode360 gives our client communities reason to celebrate its value. To learn even more, attend one of our informational webinars or visit our eCode360 in :60 how-to video library to sharpen your skills as an eCode360 user.

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