Digital Zoning Code Revolution: How to Lead and Succeed

Your zoning and development codes are a treasure trove of vital information. But do you get a lot of questions and hear too often that they are “hard to understand” or that the process is “hard to navigate”? Find out how you may be able to reduce the number of questions about your development or zoning code and lower the level of frustration developers and constituents are saying they feel when they try navigating the development process in your community.

This webinar explores how digital delivery and workflow integration can revolutionize access, transparency, and administration of all zoning codes. We offer practical solutions for designing user-centered integrated solutions that speed service and improve constituent and staff satisfaction.

Explore through examples and case studies how affordable, modern digital platforms and user-centered design principles can ensure a faster, more efficient, and more equitable development process. Learn how to tap into the power of your zoning and development codes, digitally – possibly even using software solutions your municipality is already using.

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