From first online Code in NJ to feature-rich eCode360

Bernards Township, NJ

Population: 27,140
Location: 40mi west of Manhattan
Size: 24 square miles

Solution Highlights

The Challenge

For many years, Bernards Township, New Jersey relied on a traditional printed code. With improvements in technology and the increasing need for immediate access to code information, the Township decided that it needed to do more with its code.

The Solution: An Online Code

In 1997, Bernards Township became the first municipality in the State of New Jersey to have an online code. According to Municipal Clerk Denise Szabo, “We wanted an electronic code that was easy to search and update. General Code was the only codifier in New Jersey that could do this at that time.”

An Immediate Impact

Transitioning to an online code made an impact on Szabo from the start.“I remember the first thing I did with it was to search for every occurrence of the words ‘Municipal Clerk’ in the code. As I was a new clerk at the time, this was immensely useful in helping me learn what my responsibilities were regarding town ordinances,” says Szabo.

Improving Customer Service and Transparency With eCode360

As General Code’s online code service evolved into the more feature-rich eCode360, Szabo became an even bigger fan of the online platform, which she credits for helping to improve customer service and government transparency for the Township. “Citizens now expect immediate access to government information and eCode360 provides that,” says Szabo. Her favorite eCode features? “I really like the ability to copy a hyperlink into an email or text that will take the receiver to the exact section of the code they are looking for. And the ability to research ordinances from other jurisdictions has been a time saver,” she says (For more about emailing a link to a section of your code, click here. To learn how to search multiple codes using eCode360, click here).

Result: A Strong Collaborative Relationship

Szabo also points out that General Code has always been open to listening to customers’ needs when developing new features for eCode360. “Over our 20 year relationship, General Code has responded to numerous enhancements we’ve suggested. That’s really key to making eCode even better,” Szabo says.

Bernards Township has had an online code with General Code since 1998 and transitioned its Code to the eCode360 platform in 2009.

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