eCode360 develops into indispensable tool for Planning and Zoning Administrator

Irondequoit, NY

Population: 51,692
Location: Suburb of Rochester, NY
Size: 16.8 square miles

Solution Highlights

The Challenge

As Planning and Zoning Administrator for the Town of Irondequoit, NY, Kerry Ivers deals mainly with zoning codes, but also uses the broader Town code to address a variety of other topics. Her job is time- and detail-intensive, so having immediate access to code information is a must, especially when answering questions from the public.

The Solution: eCode360

Ivers notes that the Town’s decision to put its code online with eCode360 has made her job a whole lot easier. “I use (eCode360) literally on a daily basis. It helps us answer questions from the community, from board members, and from applicants who are going through the development review process,” says Ivers.

Simplifying Searches

Ivers’ position also requires her on occasion to update sections and add new elements to the Town’s code. She has found eCode360’s Multicode tool feature be an indispensable tool in getting the job done. “By searching on keywords I can quickly go in and compare our town to others that are similar to us and doing some creative things. So if I did a search to see how other towns were codifying the requirements for bike racks, for example, I may jump on our eCode, search ‘bike rack’ and a hundred things may come up. I can then go and tailor that search down to what I need so it’s super helpful,” says Ivers.

Going Mobile

The recent availability of the new eCode Search™ App has given Ivers another tool that she regularly uses to stay connected to the Town’s eCode. “I staff the planning board and zoning board meetings for the Town and there are times where a Code question comes up that is not addressed directly in the reviewer analysis that’s been done for an application. So if I need to check the code, I don’t break out the giant (code) book, I just jump on the app,” says Ivers.

The Result: More Responsive Government

Ivers believes having eCode360 has helped the Town be more responsive to constituents, enabling it to be more proactive in keeping the public up to speed on regulations that can affect their lives and community. “Being transparent and efficient in providing information is important and eCode360 gives us a great tool to do just that,” she says.

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