Emerging Resilient:
A Series for Local Governments

2020 has assuredly brought difficult times with difficult problems to solve. But it has also provided opportunities for all of us to rise up and find ways to build a stronger, more resilient future for our communities.

The Emerging Resilient Initiative

To support our client communities and other local governments as they face this most recent series of crises, General Code has introduced our “Emerging Resilient” initiative. Our aim is to help local governments effectively move forward through innovation, collaboration, and by providing helpful resources.

Over the past few months, we’ve explored a number of topics, including:

Broadening the Scope of Resilience

This pandemic has requires us to broaden the scope of what it means to be prepared and resilient. In addition to stockpiling supplies and logistical planning, we’ve all learned the necessity to be flexible and to find new ways to accomplish our work and services. To be resilient, communities have needed in-the-moment solutions and actions, forward-thinking technology, and an eye to the future and recovery.

Supporting Resilience

As local governments seek to conquer the economic, financial, and health challenges of 2020, the Emerging Resilient initiative has sought to provide pertinent and timely information through a variety of webinars, blogs, and case studies.

For instance, webinar topics we’ve explored have included:

  • Engaging constituents with the latest technology from real-life examples
  • Municipalities employing user-centric zoning and design to promote community development
  • Ways that local governments are adjusting to service in the virtual environment
  • Examining essential elements of successful zoning codes

These webinars have been recorded and are available to view on demand.

Other resources that are available as part of this series include:

2020 and Beyond

Recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic will be a major concern to all of us well beyond 2020. It will be critical to continue evaluating the lessons learned and exploring digital solutions that will keep us connected as productive work and service environments evolve. At General Code we look forward to helping local governments build for a resilient and vibrant future with creativity and strength.

Explore our solutions:

How Can We Help You?

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