Empowering Community Resilience

“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected.
Sustainability is about survival.
The goal of resilience is to thrive.”
Jamais Cascio, author and futurist

The Building Resilience series

As communities have struggled to find a path through and beyond the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to us at General Code to do our part to help. Working with municipalities and counties for nearly 60 years has given us a unique understanding of the complexities of local government. In an effort to put this distinct perspective to good purpose, we’ve introduced a series of webinars and blogs focusing on building resilience.

An eye on recovery

A strong recovery is possible with innovative thought, good planning, and purposeful action. Embracing opportunities to collaborate and think forward is important. Pursuing solutions and strategies that can support your community’s vision for the future is a crucial piece of emerging stronger and comprehensively more sound. Whether it involves teaming up with neighboring municipalities or exploring forward-thinking solutions, we can all build vibrant, resilient communities together.

Rise and thrive

Continue your journey to a resilient future with these “Building Resilience” resources.


User-Centered Zoning: A Community’s Perspective: Learn how a user-centered approach to zoning code access helps improve community engagement and time savings.

Improving the Land Use and Development Process with GIS: Explore several real-world scenarios that municipalities face every day and how the use of location intelligence could help communities meet those challenges.

Exploring Custom I-Codes: Custom Local Building Codes (CLBC) is a new solution from ICC and General Code that lets you seamlessly integrate the I-Codes with your local amendments.


Thinking Forward for Recovery: With an eye to a more robust future, local government leaders are giving significant thought to recovery plans and strengthening digital capabilities.

Case Study: Bellevue, Washington: Custom Local Building Codes consolidate model codes, state and local amendments in one place.

Case Study: Guadalupe County, Texas: Fire officials benefit from single online source for local I-Code amendments.

Building a Resilient Future: Out of every crisis comes opportunity to move forward differently and better than before.

How can we help you?

Do you want to learn more about the topics covered in our webinars and blogs, or how our services can help your community to be resilient? Call us at 800.836.8834 or complete our Solution Inquiries form.

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