Got a minute? Improve your eCode360 experience

Even though you may feel that you’ve mastered the ins and outs of your eCode360 online code, there may be occasions when you might need a refresher on how to use a specific tool. Or perhaps there are new eCode tools you want to try but don’t know where to start.

The new eCode360 in :60 video library provides existing and new eCode users with a series of sixty-second step-by-step videos that can help you quickly expand and improve your eCode skills.

Fast, informative – and binge-worthy

Each video contained in the library offers simple, step-by-step instructions for becoming a skilled user of basic and advanced tools and tips in eCode360.  Topics discussed in each video are presented from the perspective of an eCode360 user and provide animated steps that you can refer to again and again when you are using the actual tool in your own online code.

Access to eCode360 in :60 videos is on our training page

Current videos in the library include:

Additional videos that will soon be posted to the library include how to conduct Basic and Advanced Searches in your eCode as well as tips on using the powerful MultiCode search tool to view codes from different communities at the same time. And even more videos are being developed for 2021 – so stay tuned!

Have a bit more time to spare? Take an eCode360 webinar.

Conducted by our eCode training experts, our live webinars provide in-depth instruction and insight into all things eCode. They also provide participants with the opportunity to ask eCode questions that are specific to their needs and share their own experiences with their online code. (Participants need to register to take part.)

To see our list of webinar times and topics, and to register, click here.

Got questions or have an idea for future eCode360 in :60 videos? Let us know.

Contact our Education and Technology Specialist, Jeanie Sanders. Or email our Client Care Advocates at [email protected].

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