Got a minute? Sharpen your eCode skills.

There are lots of tools you use regularly in eCode360. But maybe you’ve forgotten the exact steps for logging in or need a refresher on how to post New Laws. Or perhaps there are some time-saving shortcuts or tricks that you weren’t aware of. Our new eCode360 in :60 videos can help you sharpen your skills so you can become a more effective and efficient user of your online code.

The new video series was designed by our training team as a quick reference resource when expanded training or webinars aren’t needed. As the name implies, each video is designed to provide step-by-step instructions on how to use  a particular tool or aspect of eCode360 in 60 seconds or less. This format allows you to view and review what you need to know quickly so you can put that knowledge to work.

The eCode360 in :60 video series is being launched this fall on There will be three videos to start, with additional videos being added in the months ahead. We invite you to take a minute to check them out.

For more details, or to suggest video topics you’d like to see, contact our Training Specialist at [email protected].

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