In Focus: The 2021 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll

A quick glance at the tributes given for the honorees of the 2021 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll demonstrate that even a global pandemic is no match for these dedicated, hard-working municipal employees.

The 2021 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll saw 185 clerks from DuPont, Washington, to Marshfield, Massachusetts, honored by their peers and grateful communities. Nominations for this annual event, hosted by General Code, were received during Municipal Clerks Week with the results revealed on May 26.

Many of the submitted nominations spoke of unprecedented stresses, from the election to virtual meetings, and finding ways to continue services through the lockdown. Reasons given consistently included mentions of working long and overtime hours, keeping positive attitudes in the most trying times, jumping in to help when no one else could, willingness to go the extra mile, and wearing multiple hats in their communities. Also appearing over and over was a perseverance to continuing educational pursuits to improve skills and knowledge. And experience ranged from being brand new to the position as the pandemic began to serving for over 40 years.

Here’s just a sampling of the praise given to the nominated clerks:

Her already challenging job has only gotten more difficult during COVID, and she has led the Council in the transition to virtual meetings and supported us through this difficult time. She has also coordinated the City’s first mail-in election, which happened during a pandemic and resulted in historic turnout.
Her kindness, encouragement, and advice made me feel welcomed as a new Deputy Clerk
A town known for loud debate unites in its praise (for this Clerk).
From juggling Town Meetings, registering voters, changing voting locations due to COVID, issuing dog licenses, trash permits, birth certificates etc… (she) is always there to get the job done.
She is caring, responsive and always available to help even if a request may fall outside of her formal job description.
She is the glue that holds the town office together. She has the ability to make everyone’s day better after talking to her.
Our little city would be a mess without her!
Our challenge in the Village is to keep her with us as many of my counterparts would love to have her in their communities.
She’s one of the first ones to arrive and the last to leave. Her dedication, work ethic and integrity is impeccable.
She is a superstar…This is a massive and key role for our city, and she took it on with zero hesitation.
She is a smile, a dance down the hallway, a shared joke, and the most diligent worker that I have ever known.
His wisdom and knowledge and dedication is an inspiration to us all. He is trusted, understanding, and compassionate. We spend the majority of our day in our job, and we have all become family. A Happy Family that has gotten through these uncertain times together because of our amazing leader.
He is also passionate about educating the youth of (the township) on the election process to encourage them to become lifelong active voters.
I cannot say enough about how she makes the city offices a better place to work. She is a Wonder Woman for sure.
She was symptomatic with COVID and still Facetimed in remotely to our town board meeting to keep abreast of town business and to be able to generate accurate minutes for this meeting.
She makes everyone on City Council better in their jobs by always being available for advice and guidance.
In the beginning of the pandemic, (she) worked diligently to manage the office staff and ensured a safe working environment through the use of grant funds to transform the borough hall. Her initiative made it possible to continue government day to day business without interruption.
Our office resumed business transactions within days of our Town Hall closing to the public. We had an historic election which resulted in half of our voters voting by absentee ballot; meetings were all held virtually; our real estate transactions are up 40% this fiscal year; and his service to our residents never wavered.

Congratulations to the 2021 honorees and thank you to everyone who took time to make the nominations! All of us at General Code appreciate the opportunity to shine a light on the extraordinary work of these municipal clerks – and public employees everywhere – who are tirelessly committed to the well-being of our communities. Cheers to all!

View the full list of 2021 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll honorees.

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