MapLink™ updates make online zoning platform easier to learn and navigate

As part of General Code’s commitment to making the MapLink user experience the very best it can be, we’ve recently made some improvements to the online zoning platform. Based on user feedback, these upgrades will help improve readability and navigation across the site through modifications and improvements to icons, text, selectors and base map options.

One of the updates users will notice right away is a refreshed left hand view pane where focused content is now arranged by tabs for easier navigation. We’ve also added a new Start Guide that offers tips and guidance on terms and processes that you may not be familiar with — or simply need to brush up on. 

Other improvements include the ability to toggle between zoning map and parcel map details without having to use the zoom function. In addition, we’ve made it possible to view parcel details in a separate pop-up window so they remain visible while you are manipulating the map in other ways.

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