Reimagining the Future of our Cities

What does “the future of cities” mean to you? To some it might simply be having access to clean water or navigating safer roads. For those in municipal government, it could cover anything from building economic resiliency via development to encouraging a more welcoming and diverse community environment. Many planners, mayors and citizens look to sustainability as key to the future of their cities or towns. Most of us are probably just hoping for breakthroughs that will allow us more time with our families or for recreational pursuits. Whatever your definition, Oscar Boyson’s 20-minute video “The Future of Cities” is thought-provoking as it probes the question, “Is future urbanization going to be a good thing, or a bad thing?” The film focuses on how local innovators around the world are re-imagining the future of their cities to build stronger communities, affect climate change at an individual level, and use citizen-driven change to improve their urban environments.

Send us your thoughts about the video and how you see the future of your city or town to [email protected].

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