Shining Lights: The 2022 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll

Scanning through the nominations submitted for the 2022 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll, it’s clear that these public servants are shining lights in their communities. For many, the dedication to service takes them beyond the doors of their offices. They are ambassadors with a passion for what they do and the people they serve. It is truly an honor for us to shine a light on these remarkably hard-working people.

The 2022 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll saw 217 clerks from Redondo Beach, California, to Wareham, Massachusetts, honored by their peers and grateful communities. Nominations for this annual event, hosted by General Code since 2001, were received during Municipal Clerks Week with the results revealed on May 26.

Nominations highlighted extraordinary leadership during the pandemic, implementation of digital tools, streamlining of processes, outreach to community members, taking on new and multiple roles, and a general willingness to go the extra mile whenever needed. Repeated mentions also covered a diligence to continuing educational pursuits to improve skills and knowledge. Experience ranged from being brand new to the position to serving for over several decades.

Here’s just a sampling of the tributes given for the nominated clerks:

When she senses our team is feeling overwhelmed with work, she shares funny anecdotes along with her sunny demeanor to help lighten the mood and reduce stress in the workplace. She really cares about the people around her, especially the people she leads.

She keeps me from stepping on “land mines” often. I can’t imagine having a better, more efficient Town Clerk.

This clerk is new to the position and is working tirelessly to make sure he learns his new job well and meets the needs of the Town. He has shown his dedication to the Town in everything he does.

She is an outstanding employee, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

She’s a conscientious Clerk and leader who looks out for her peers. She takes the extra time to reach out to fellow clerks who are new or are having a hard time. She ensures her office operates at the highest standard of integrity. She supports local businesses and groups. She really takes the Clerk “lifestyle” to the highest level.

Her leadership shined the brightest when we faced COVID-19 and the unknown that we were about to face.

She takes her duties and due diligence very seriously when it comes to elections and is passionate that the community is provided with up to date and current information for all elections creating accessibility for everyone’s right to vote.

She’s knowledgeable, yet down to earth and creates an atmosphere that solidifies that government is here to serve its people. She is a superhero.

She is the epitome of a dedicated public servant.  She runs a great, efficient and friendly office. There’s a reason she is continually re-elected with bi-partisan support.

There is no question she can’t answer or problem she can’t solve!

He has developed an office that continues to service the need of the constituents as the topmost priorities during the COVID pandemic. When most of the employees work remotely elsewhere his office of over 15 was fully staffed and everyone worked without hesitation following his example of leadership and dedication.

She has been a driving force in my Clerk career by providing a mentorship with support during my training. Her patience and encouragement truly is appreciated.

She provides excellent customer service to our community, internal departments and anyone who wanders into our office. She is a great resource and always has a smile.

She has been our Town Clerk since 1989. She does an amazing job and always goes above and beyond to help others. She maintains our town archives, website, newsletters, and serves on multiple volunteer boards and commissions. She’s also a volunteer firefighter.

She has many hats to wear as we are a small town with a limited budget. She does water and tax billings, building permits, code enforcement, minutes from town meetings, answers phones and greets customers as needed in a very professional and friendly manner.

She is the glue that holds together the body politics here in the city. The Managers, Directors – and myself as the Interim City Manager – we are all new to these positions and thusly rely on the City Clerk’s knowledge of municipal procedures, to keep us all moving forward.

She has risen to the occasion during the toughest of times during this pandemic to work through her normal day-to-day duties but also to run elections smoothly.  We appreciate all that she does for our City and we want to take a moment to celebrate her hard work and dedication to what it takes to be a municipal clerk.

She has a heart for helping other city clerks and empowers them to be their best. She thinks of innovative ways to enrich and connect the community and brings that same energy to staff engagement.

Her institutional knowledge is a wellspring of information that is incredibly valuable. She brings cheer, and on occasion baked goods, to the office that makes our office environment pleasant and welcoming to everyone that stops by City Hall.

She is selfless in her job where she puts the needs of the residents before the needs of anything else and that is what we strive to achieve, as the Clerk’s office is often the “heart” of any town or village.

She runs this entire Village.  She is knowledgeable, insightful, and genuinely cares about all the employees, residents and takes a great amount of pride in her job.

Congratulations to the 2022 honorees and thank you to everyone who took time to make the nominations! All of us at General Code appreciate the opportunity to direct attention to the extraordinary work of these municipal clerks – and public employees everywhere – who are tirelessly committed to the well-being of our communities.

View the full list of 2022 Municipal Clerks Honor Roll honorees.

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