Simplifying the Code Update Process

As part of our continuous efforts to simplify and improve our clients’ experience throughout our processes, we’re excited to share our new code update automation improvements for clients who require or receive estimates.

Automating the code update approval process

Here at General Code, we understand the added pressures that our clients have experienced over the past year. In particular, demand for digital delivery of services by local government has dramatically increased.

That’s why we’ve accelerated our efforts to move all of our processes to digital and to make them as efficient as possible. Developing more automated interactions that require less manual labor and fewer resources helps to quicken response times and delivery of materials.

We’re pleased to share a recent advancement in our supplementation process that allows our clients who require or receive estimates to approve or wait with code updates via email.

Streamlining the process with automation

The process is as simple as read, click, submit.

  1. Clients who receive or require estimates will receive an email explaining that code material is ready to be supplemented into the municipal code along with an attached cost estimate for completing the update.
  2. Review the attached estimate and decide if the supplementation of the code should go forward immediately or wait.
  3. Use the “Proceed Now” or “Wait to Proceed” buttons in the email, and a form on the General Code website will open in an internet browser.
  4. To proceed right away, simply review the information on the form page for accuracy and click the submit button.
  5. To wait with the code update, indicate the reason using the drop-down menu options provided and then click the submit button.
  6. Once you’ve clicked the submit button, a confirmation message will appear along with your contact information. Provide any additional information requested and click the submit button.

If you’ve chosen to go forward with the supplementation, we’ll take care of updating your code quickly and accurately! If you’ve chosen to wait, we’ll hold your materials based on the reason you’ve indicated and, if appropriate, continue to post your submitted adopted legislation to the New Laws section of your eCode.

Ready to help and answer questions

Just as a reminder, our Client Care Advocates are available to assist with any questions you might have about updating your code or eCode, or to help you set up a code update schedule. Call 800.836.8834 or send an email to [email protected].

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