custom local building codes

Simplify how local amendments are incorporated into your I-Codes


Custom Local Building Codes (CLBC) can provide your municipality with an easy and efficient way to make local amendments to your International Codes (I-Codes).

Keep a local focus on the
I-Codes your community uses the most

If your state modifies the International Codes, they don’t reflect amendments your municipality makes at the local level. Our CLBC service integrates your local amendments into any or all of the 15 I-Codes to create your municipality’s own custom Codes.


Improve efficiency and transparency


We handle the work for you

Our codification team handles all of the details of creating your CLBC, saving your staff time so they can focus on other important business for your community.


Get customized, integrated output

We can publish your CLBC in a variety of customized, integrated formats including Digital Codes Premium, books or PDFs. We can also post links to your building code amendments in eCode360, our versatile online code portal.

I-Codes API

I-Codes API

Get instant, integrated access to your CLBC in Digital Codes Premium. ICC Code Connect™ API provides organizations with seamless digital access to the latest building code requirements within your own workflow applications. Learn more.

Access your CLBC—and all your I-Codes—in a single online “hub”

Your CLBC is integrated into your I-Code and accessible in the International Code Council (ICC)’s online library. Plus you can enjoy ICC’s Digital Codes Premium, giving you and other municipal staff access to an online suite of time-saving tools and features including:

  • Advanced search across your entire set of I-Codes
  • Highlighting with annotation to promote organization and consistency in interpretation
  • Bookmarks to help easily save and find sections and subsections of your I-Code

Discover how CLBC can help your community simplify local amendments and improve access to its building and safety codes

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