Overview of eCode360 PubDocs™ Updates (October 2022)

As part of our commitment to making the eCode360 user experience the very best it can be, we’ve recently made some enhancements to the document hosting platform, PubDocs. Based on user feedback, these upgrades will help improve usability and navigation across the site.


  • Add or change the name of document types – For example, you can change “minutes” to “meeting packets” – whatever titles work best for you. Or add new document categories such as Fee Schedule.
  • Move or delete multiple documents quickly and efficiently – there’s no need to work with one document at a time.
  • Post an expanded variety of file formats and documents including audio files, audio and video links and PowerPoint files.
  • Sort search results more efficiently – Arrange results by ascending or descending dates.

Most of the interface changes affect only logged in users. Public users won’t notice much of a difference in functionality.

For a complete, detailed summary of all the new enhancements available to you now, scroll on.

PubDocs Overview

Add or Edit a Public Document Type

Move Documents

Add a New Document

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