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Please check with Marketing for hard copies of any of the materials listed below. If you don’t see something you need, please contact Alex.

Codification Brochure
Codification Brochure
Enhanced Graphics Brochure
Enhanced Graphics Brochure
Supplementation Brochure
eCode Brochure
eCode360 Brochure
Code-Centric Solutions Brochure
Code-Centric Solutions Brochure
CLBC Brochure
MapLink Brochure
MapLink Brochure
eCode Search App Brochure
eCode Admin
eCode Municipal Users
Dobb’s Ferry
API vs Code Export
Bernards Township
Enhanced Graphics Checklist
Calvert County
Professional Codifier Benefits

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Click image to download video file from Dropbox
(This version is both Maplink Minutes stitched together with captions for use at conferences)

Visit the General Code YouTube page for additional videos.

CPC Codification Brochure
CPC Code Updates Brochure
CPC Enhanced Graphics Brochure
MapLink Brochure
MapLink Brochure
CLBC Brochure
CPC Professional Codifier Handout

If a customer or prospect has a MapLink question you aren’t sure how to answer, you can find some answers here. A quick answer could suffice, or if you need a more detailed option that is also here for you. For any questions not covered here feel free to reach out to Wayne, Michael or Jenn.

When a supp to the zoning chapter is sent in, the MapLink team is notified automatically and they make the required changes to the site. If maps need to be updated they can be sent directly to the MapLink team using [email protected] at any time.

Your community currently has a process in place to supplement their municipal code. MapLink text updates slide seamlessly into this process with no additional work on the part of your municipal staff. The process with MapLink is as follows:

  1. The community approves a new ordinance that applies to the zoning chapter(s)
  2. The community sends in the new legislation to General Code using [email protected]
  3. Depending on your contract, the legislation is either held for a regularly scheduled supp (annually, quarterly etc.) or set up for a more immediate supp.
  4. You are sent the supp for Authorization and you authorize the supp.
  5. We receive authorization to begin working on the supp
    1. The MapLink team is notified internally/automatically that there is a supp related to the zoning so that we can plan for the future work.
  6.  The supp moves through the editorial process including sending Proofs to be reviewed by you if requested. When the work on the supp is completed, eCode360 will be updated and if applicable the pages will be printed and shipped to you for any hardcopy books.
  7. When eCode360 is updated, the MapLink team is notified (again, automatically) that they can begin work.
  8. We review all changes made to the code and update the appropriate pages with the new information. If we have questions or concerns about any of the updates, we may reach out to our primary contact at this time for clarification but this is rare once the site is completed.

Updating the Maps portion of the MapLink site is a little different and depends slightly on what changes are made and how the maps are hosted.

  1. If someone else hosts the maps – The changes are sent to the host and they update their files. The MapLink site updates automatically when their files are updated.
  2. If we host the maps – Someone from your community sends us the updated map files. You can send these files directly to me or to [email protected]. We update the MapLink site with the new data.
    1. If you are already in the practice of sending zoning map amendments to us with your other law adoptions, please continue to do this. If you don’t already send that information in through [email protected], please know that you are welcome to send in this information. It won’t necessarily be codified but it will be posted under new laws. In addition, the MapLink team will know that there have been changes to the zoning and/or parcel maps. We will notify you to remind you to send updated data if you haven’t already. (This is helpful if the person who typically sends in the supp information is not the same person who typically works with the maps. We keep everyone on the same page so that no one in your community needs to keep track.)

Note that the cost of the normal/code supp is unchanged and text updates to the MapLink site after a supp are included in the maintenance agreement.

Updates to your maps are also covered under the maintenance agreement with no additional cost to you. Some municipalities update their parcel files monthly if they are actively growing. Other communities or map types may be updated quarterly, yearly, or even less often. These changes are driven by you and your communities needs and do not need to be connected to existing code supps.

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