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Subscriptions Available for Purchase

A Subscription Service for ProfessionalsA Subscription Service for Professionals

General Code is fully equipped to handle the production, marketing, and sale of your Code to local attorneys, engineers, planners and developers at no additional cost to your local government. When a municipality receives a request to purchase their Code from an outside source - in either paper or electronic format, the municipality can just have them call General Code directly and we'll take care of the requests. Toll-free number 855-GEN-CODE or email us at orders [at] generalcode [dot] com


eCode360R On-Line Access: Library Subscription Service

Our eCode360 Library Subscription Service is an online research tool developed by General Code to allow research professionals-with very diverse informational needs- to access more than 1,300 local government Codes, ordinances and related information. While municipal Codes have been available on the internet for some time, General Code's research service allows for more sophisticated search and review of the Codes. Combined with our uniquely enduring relationships with our local government customers and our exceptional Code maintenance process, eCode360 Library Subscription Service gives you accurate and timely access to the most current ordinances as supplied to us by the municipalities.

There are a host of features that subscription to the database provides for every user including:

• Easy navigation with new word search capabilities and an online index for term searches

• Access to new ordinances not yet incorporated in the Code

• Expanded search capabilities and Boolean searching

• Location and cross-reference tools

• Improved print capabilities

• Email links

• Bookmarking important sections

• Multi-code searching

• Annotations and linking to non-Code documents and maps

• Automated email notification

General Code has worked with over 2,700 local governments in 32 states, with impressive concentration in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and Connecticut. Over 1,300 of those Codes are now available online, with more being added every month.

To order or to have your questions answered about subscription services available to you contact us directly at toll free  855-GEN-CODE to speak with a General Code Customer Service representative.