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Subscription Services

For Municipal Clients | For Research Professionals

Subscription Service for Municipal ClientsSubscription Service for Municipal Clients (codification)

Local governments frequently receive requests for copies of their Code from the private sector and often don't want to deal with maintaining extra inventory, fulfilling orders, and collecting payments.

General Code is fully equipped to handle the production, marketing, and sale of your Code to local attorneys, engineers, planners and developers at no additional cost to your local government. We also offer each purchaser an opportunity to subscribe to annual updates. When a municipality receives a request to purchase its Code from an outside source - in either paper or electronic format - the municipality can simply provide General Code's toll-free number (855-GEN-CODE) or email us at orders [at] generalcode [dot] com and we'll take it from there!


eCode360® Subscription Service for Professionals

Our eCode360 Subscription Service for Professionals is an online research service developed by General Code to allow professionals - with very diverse informational needs - attorneys, builders, planners and more - to access and efficiently search more than 1,900 local government Codes, ordinances and related information.

This subscription service includes special features not available to the general public, including:

eCode360 Pro Subscription Search Criteria

  • MultiCode Search: Search multiple Codes at once. Filter results by geography, population, and form of government criteria. Finding sample legislation is much faster and easier when you don’t need to search Codes one-at-a-time.
  • Download to Word: Download Code content to a Microsoft Word document to edit and track changes when drafting new legislation.
  • Archive: View archived versions of online Codes, to research laws as they existed at a particular moment in the past.
  • Adding Private Sticky Notes to any Code.
  • UNLIMITED Personalized Access to over 1,900 Codes!

You can become an eCode360 Subscriber for just $195 a year!

Subscribe now for an annual subscription! Or, if you have your questions about subscription services available to you, contact us toll free at 800-836-8834 to speak with a General Code Customer Service representative.

General Code has worked with over 3,000 local governments in 32 states, with impressive concentration in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland and Connecticut. Over 1,900 of those Codes are now available online, with more being added every month!