Change happens — have a Code that’s up to date and enforceable

Essential resources for creating and amending ordinances

Your Code is a living document that evolves with your municipality. Having a Code that is clear, current, and enforceable is essential. At General Code, we offer some helpful resources that you can use when creating new legislation and amending your Code:

Sample Ordinance language

Clear, concise amendments make supplementation more efficient for everyone. Referring to sample legislation can make it a lot easier to develop concise amendment language. General Code has several pieces of sample legislation that you can build on, including samples to change an existing section or chapter, add a new section or chapter, and repeal a section or chapter.

See our sample ordinances here. [PDF]

Tip: It is far more efficient to update only specific sections or subsections rather than readopting an entire article or chapter.

Move your Code online to tap into additional resources

Moving your Code online to our eCode360 platform can put additional resources at your fingertips including Multicode Search, a time-saving tool that lets you search a topic across several Codes at the same time. Nearby municipalities may already have laws on the books that address issues that are similar to yours. The ability to review comparable ordinances can be a great help in crafting language for new laws or amendments. With Multicode search, users can search a topic across several Codes at the same time to see how other municipalities are handling the same or similar community issue.

Learn more about eCode360 on our website, or email us to find out the options for your community.

Most-searched terms for 2018

Municipal staff have searched these topics across multiple Codes the most.

Keep Your Code Up to Date and Enforceable
As your community evolves and passes new laws, it’s important to have a Code that reflects your community to be a reliable resource. And as your needs change, you may realize the community needs a feature-rich online Code so that the information they need is always online and accessible.

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