Constituents flock to eCode360 for code inquiries during pandemic

During the current COVID-19 health emergency, many constituents are finding that their online code is for the birds. Quite literally. And it’s helping them to cope.

In fact, one of the top searches on eCode360 during the pandemic has been around the topic of chickens; how to house them, how many can be kept in a residential area and zoning requirements for coops and other enclosures. One reason for the uptick in fowl-related questions comes from general uncertainty caused by the pandemic. Some people are exploring the possibility of raising their own fowl to supply themselves and their families with a home-grown supply of food. Others are simply looking for a new activity that can make use of their time during home confinement.

In a recent article from National Public Radio, John Monaco, president of the American Poultry Association, said that public interest in raising chickens has been on the upswing across the country for the past decade. “It’s become fashionable to do it,” he explained.

A testament to the value of your eCode

Raising backyard chickens is just one example of how eCode users are finding information they need on topics that interest them most. It’s also a testament to the value of your community’s eCode investment. By making your code easy to access, understand and search by anyone, constituents can answer many code questions on their own, so municipal staff can be more efficient in other areas.

Keep your eCode users active and engaged

To encourage constituents to keep using their eCode during the health crisis and every day, there are things your municipality can do to ensure their user experience is the best it can be:

Keep your code updated

Ensuring that new laws are regularly updated in your online code, users will benefit from always having the most current and accurate  information at hand to answer their code inquiries. And when they can answer questions themselves, they won’t need to ask municipal staff to help.

Post Public Documents

Using the PubDocs™ feature in eCode360 lets you post notices, agendas, newsletters, forms and special resolutions so constituents have access to other relevant and timely sources of information from a single location.

Use Notes and annotations

Adding links and notes to code sections may help answer additional questions constituents may not have thought of, or lead them to other information to expand their knowledge.

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