Trending Legislation: Social Hosting

As COVID-19 restrictions begin to loosen and larger gatherings take place, pre-pandemic concerns about underage drinking are returning. Communities are examining ways to curb this issue, including enacting local ordinances regarding social hosting.

Trending Legislation: Alcohol To Go

During the pandemic, many states enacted legislation allowing alcoholic beverages to be sold as “to-go” items. As food and beverage businesses begin reopening with on-premises dining and drinking, these laws are being reconsidered at the state and local levels.

Fireworks Sparking Calls for Local Regulation

Fireworks used to be reserved for major holidays and community events. But with some states loosening laws for individual access and use, municipalities are responding to concerns about noise, fire safety, and effects on vets and pets.

A Crisis on Top of a Crisis

This once-in-a century pandemic has not only forced us to change many aspects of our lives for our own health and safety, it has also created a new, and unprecedented surge in the use of single-use plastics.

Trending Legislation: Electric Vehicles

Acceptance of electric vehicles has been on a long, winding and sometimes detoured road. But with increasing concerns about climate change and dependence on fossil fuels, a renewed interest, and even enthusiasm, has recently accelerated. Is your community EV-Ready?

COVID-19 Legislation

Legislating in the Age of COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to impact communities across the country, local governments are responding with legislation that covers a wide range of critical topics. Stay up-to-date through our new blog series “Legislating in the Age of COVID.”

Responding Legislatively to COVID-19

Local governments are acting to allow service continuity in this time of crisis and to protect the safety and health of constituents, as well as in finding ways to overcome food security issues and economic hardships faced by local businesses.


A Bumpy Road for E-Scooters

Despite the growing popularity of e-scooters as a fun and environmentally-friendly way to traverse cities, not all municipalities and regulators are along for the ride.

Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

In drafting and enforcing sign regulations local governments should be mindful of this case and the Supreme Court’s determination that content-based regulation of noncommercial signs must meet “strict scrutiny.”

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