Here Comes the Sun

The use of solar energy in homes and industry seems to be expanding at light speed. For many municipalities across the nation, adding solar power as a clean energy source has required municipalities to make significant changes to the renewable energy section of their local Codes. In fact, many of our clients in New England have recently passed legislation to regulate the use of solar energy in their communities. Here are some examples of their Codes that you can view in eCode360:

Have a similar local issue? See what other communities are doing with eCode360.

Our eCode clients can search our entire database of 1,780 eCodes for more examples of solar legislation – or any legislative issue that comes up! Just type key words, such as “solar”, “food trucks”, or “styrofoam” and a list of the matching content will come up. Users can even filter results by the municipalities’ population, geography, government type, and class.

Chances are, if a topic has come up in your municipality, your neighbors have experienced issues too. With this tool you can find samples in a matter of seconds! Click here to see how it works.

If you have any questions or are interested in eCode360 to unleash this powerful tool, call us at 800.836.8834.

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