May is for Meat Lovers

It’s National BBQ Month and National Hamburger Month. Eat well—and grill safely.

If you love juicy steaks, ribs and burgers, the month of May might seem like Christmas and the Super Bowl all rolled into one. 

Yes, May is National Barbeque Month and National Hamburger Month and that means grills are being fired up on patios and in parks across the country. Before enjoying all those mouthwatering meals, grillers need to make sure they are following local grilling regulations that can help protect their personal safety, property, and the environment.

Source: National Fire Protection Association

And it’s not just the backyard griller that needs to keep the rules in mind. More and more brick and mortar eating establishments, caterers, and festival vendors use outdoor grills during the warm weather months to treat their patrons to the full grilling experience. This often means seasonal permits and equipment inspections are in order to satisfy local safety and environmental codes. Families who frequent local parks also need to pay attention to established park rules surrounding charcoal grills, which often include the use of flammable starter liquids and steps for properly extinguishing and disposing of coals and ashes after use.

“Does your community have regulations in place for grilling and outdoor cooking? Do your regulations align with neighboring communities? Do you need to update your current ordinances?”

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eCode360 clients can use the Multicode Search feature to search our entire database of more than 2,200 eCodes to find grilling legislation in nearby communities that you can compare to your local laws or use as samples for developing new legislation. Just type key words, such as “outdoor grills,” “grilling” or “food permits and licenses” and a list of the matching content will come up. With Multicode Search you can find samples in a matter of seconds!

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